This is my online book shop, selling primarily Bengali books of ayurvedic and homoeopathic cure. These are books published by A. B. PUBLICATION, 6D, RAMANATH MAZUMDAR STREET, COLLEGE STREET, KOLKATA-700009. Being a Bengali myself, I know every Bengali is a potential homoeopathy doctor; NUX VOMICA, ACONITE, THUJA etc are everyday utterances in Bengali households. [ This apart, some books of seasonal demands like various panjika, are also included in my list of books ]

These books are worth procuring , and put on the shelf or bedside……………..in a separate page I will bring to you a list of some titles, with price for your information . If you are one of those, want to buy any of the books, you may inquire at ‘ butinaigaon@gmail.com’, or talk to 9022641876, before you send in your order/s.

For obvious reasons, to many of my potential customers, the above system of buying will not look too secure/ reliable, which is understandable……for them, I want to inform, that the same books are available in the two big online popular, worldwide market places , under YOUR USEFULL BOOKS ‘ . You have  first to go to online site, and then ,  write  the title of the book in the search engine and click, the desired book will show up for your buy order…..You may procure your books from here, because here all loose ends of the procedure, payment, and return when unsatisfied, are well tied. NO ROOM FOR FALSE STEP. GO AHEAD, HAPPY BUYING!!!!! Thanks.

click here–https://yourusefulbooks.com/about/list-of-books-from-your-useful-books/


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