A Trip to Panchghani and Mahabaleswar

Geographical details of the place–Height from sea lvel—4710 ft. Area—131 sq mtrs. Average temp, summer -> 16 to 30 degree centigrade, Winter–> 13 to 25 degree centigrade. Rainfall 623 mm.

Flora- Karvi, Hirda, Jamun, Mango, Behda, Gela. Birds- Bulbul, Nandavan Khog, Haldi, Sarika, Kokila, Sutar, Paankavala.

Animals-Monkey, Snake, Rabbits, Wild boar, Hyena, Panther, Tiger, Squirrel.

Mahabaleswar is a hill station in the Satara district of Maharashtra state, located in the Sahyadri mountain range, 120 km from Pune and 285 km from Mumbai. It has an average elevation of 4710 feet . Due to its high altitude, has a cold climate. There is an abundant variety of fruits, flowers, animals, and birds in these forests.‘ shekhru’ , giant squirrel which is the state animal can be found here. There are honey and wheat research centres  here. Mahabaleswar is a favourite destination for trekkers also.

You can experience very heavy rainfall here during the rainy season. Dense fog and the roads are often to be seen, you may get lost in the fog. Numerous beautiful waterfalls, varieties of flowers give an unique experience, and thrill to the tourists. People enjoy the cold atmosphere of this place.
Kaas is a beautiful place near Mahabaleswar which is no less than valley of flowers of uttarkhand . You can enjoy the beauty of flowers here, season being September to October.

mahabali 7

English people came from a cold place, and India for them was a very hot and dusty place. They were uncomfortably living here, and these made them angry , irritated, made them behave badly with Indians. They were always on the look out for cold places like in their native place. Their search found out Hill stations like Darjeeling, Simla, Nainital etc, similarly Mahabaleswar, Matheran etc. British constructed residence and offices in those places for their comfortable living, which till now are liked by all of us. These are great gifts Of British to Indians. True, they ruled us, colonised us but given us English education, legal and parliamentary democracy, which gave us modern civilisation. But for English rule we would not have seen our present day civilisation, we owe them a lot. India was their pride possession, India was their jewel in the crown, India was favourite to them also.

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….There are several lookout points like Arthur seat, Kates point, Bombay point, Elephanta point, Wilson point– which offers spectacular views of the surrounding hills and valleys. There are five rivers flowing from Mahabaleswar and those are Krishna, Venna, Koyna, Gayatri, and Savitri. Mahabaleswar is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The peak season is March-May, it rains heavily from june to september.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured the valley of Jawali from Chandrarao More and had a long stay in the jungles of Mahabaleswar during defeat of Afzalkhan. Prisoners from China and Malayasia were kept here in 1830. These prisoners grew red potatoes, vegetables, strawbwrry, raspberry, on a large scale. They could weave baskets of bamboo too. The prisoners were set free in the year 1864. But instead of returning to their homeland, they settled here.  This is the magic of India, whoever came to India in history , did not go back to their country. Later Mahabaleswar started bustling with people during the reign of British. It began to develop into a peaceful hill station.

To summarise from above, it is a cool hill station full with nature’s abundant beauty, located near  Mumbai, and can be accessed to it within 5/6 hours drive from Mumbai. Not a costly place, very good for budget travellers. To illustrate, I would give our own example that we, a group of 17 like minded budget travellers, from Mumbai , visited Panchghani and Mahabaleswar for two days ( 2.9.17 and 3.9.17), our expenditures was only Rs 2400 per head . This covered food, lodging and transport. ( Shri Mangal  choudhuri and Shri Devashish Saha conceived, planned and executed the whole programme), Of course, details of journey will be covered in my next post to come out soon.

Our next Program is Daman in Gujrat. Are you interested to join us?…only one minimum requirement from our side is that you have to be of like mind.

Mahabaleswar budget hotel
[ Cost was minimum for food and lodging here. This cost plus transportation up and down from Mumbai, added up to only Rs 2400/- per head . Ample supply of water, cleanliness, tasty food, and comfortable stay.]


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