Music is my favorite pastime, I enjoy it a lot. It can take away  your pain, depression and whatever bad mood you may be into. When you are bleeding in the conflicts of life and nobody around to put a balm , then, dear friend, if you resort to music, instantly your worries/ anxieties will go off. It is because it has the capacity to change the state of your mind. Minus music you are in sad state, plus music you are in  the elevated state of mind.

Unfortunate people who use drug, do that just to change the state of mind—of course negatively, to a sate where they feel ecstasy, but problem with drug is that it exhausts physically, and mentally, the individual at the end of it. Music does the same in a divine way but without damaging your system, rather it elevates you and fulfills you and unify you with the universe. When you listen to music your brain releases a hormone dopamine and this gives you a feel good factor. Music has relation to every state of mind. By singing and listening to the music you reach those states of mind effortlessly. In Indian music, there are many ragas, each raga arouse certain emotions.

You might be still remembering the lullaby sung to you by your grand parents—you may remember the tune, rhythm of lullaby took you to dream and sent you to sleep. [ please listen to one of your favourite lullaby–

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These lullabies are common to all the mankind for all epochs. Music connects your within to without. It can create and destroy your fear, love, anger and pain. Our films employ this effectively  to transport you to the scenes  and content they want to create, those supplement their actual action in the films. This is a proof to show that music can change your emotions—to verify my contention, please listen to your favourite songs when you are depressed, or down.

Although some of music comes naturally to us, but to reap the maximum benefit out of it, one has to be trained in childhood, on classical music. It is necessary because it raises the intellect, and empowers the mind. Research has shown that  the part of music which caters to mathematical skill, also caters to music. I had seen a friend of mine would put radio on full volume when he would solve the tricky maths problem.  I do not remember the name of the Indian American who came on a national channel one year back, to show how the musical rhythm is entirely based on mathematics.

By listening to music our inner self communicate  to the vast nature outside. When a rivulet murmurs, wind blows, leaves rustles, those creates very pleasant sounds—music for us. These sounds are music, the nature’s music, created for us. By listening to those sounds , from the enclosure of your room, we can transport ourselves silently to those open wide nature where those sounds are created. This is the power of music.

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Voyager –I and II, a twin satellite took off for its journey from our earth in the year 1977, carried in it, among other musics of the world, an Indian classical music in a golden disc, for the beings living in other parts of this universe. [ take a side step to listen to it–India, raga, “Jaat Kahan Ho,” sung by Surshri Kesar Bai Kerkar. 3:30– Now Voyager has already travelled 35 years, crossed our solar system, and for the first time in human history  entered interstelar space. I wonder  when those unknown beings will hear our classical songs , how much they will enjoy it !!!.  I feel perhaps that their music and our music is one and the same. At the time of writing this article the voyager is at a distance of –10,696,240,000 miles away from earth…..

At the beginning of the creation, whole  universe was an one big whole empty space, there were gas and gas only—entire space was filled with  mono-atomic hydrogen atoms.  Sometime thereafter, through stellar reaction, and supernova explosion, there are now many galaxies, stars, and planets , and ultimately us. Thus, if we follow the trail we  will know that whole universe is one and the same body, the individual beings in this world or other,  are a small constituent of this big universe with unaltered character. If this is true the music we know cannot be different from the music my brother is practicing in the far far part of this universe, in other stars, planets. In this hope only music of this world is carried by voyager to our distant friends.

Thus music is eternal and all encompassing. Music removes our weaknesses, empowers us, makes us happy. Hence can bring can peace on strife stricken, terrorized earth. Teach children classical music , this will increase their talent, help them to grow into a well round personality.

NB– Actually I like many, many songs. When I am off mood, I just close the door of my small room to create deep darkness and set on a classical song/ tabla, I enjoy then a serene peace in the heart deep down. You may also try this method of mine–darkness has an enchanting beauty of its own. Only a few of my songs which I like to relax with are–

Bansh baganer mathar upar chad uteche oi
Bajlo tumar alor benu
Man tarapata hari darashana ko aaj
 A song by my son , Anirban chakraborty, in tamil , published officially by producer T-series in youtube, which has crossed one million viewership by now. ( see below)


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