Our tour becomes more effective when we have more information beforehand, about the place we want to tour. Information is always deficient when we need. We become wiser only at the end of each tour when we already have spent all time, money and energy. To avoid such bad-end each time, Milon Mancha is trying to compile information, record those, and make available to all tour loving people.


To illustrate above, if I am not mistaken –Shri Rudra Mandal and Sharmista Mandal discovered swiss pass/Oyester Pass, Youth hostel etc etc only towards the end of their recent tour of Europe. The former greatly reduces the travelling expenditure, latter reduces expenditure due to food and lodging. Had they known these expenditure-saving ways, at the beginning of their tour when they left Indian shore, this would enable them to see more places with the same money – that too more comfortably.


For quite some time, effort of Milon Mancha has been towards collection of such information in the interest of all tour loving people, so that at minimum cost they can visit more places without unnecessarily tiring themselves in shortest of time—it may be inside India or outside.


This is a tall order if we want to make at one go, but small and easy job if we add up individual small information – in bits and pieces, based on experience. It may be you or your friend, or your friend’s friend — anybody. Everyone is welcome. People really have the required information, but as of now lying wildly scattered , our job is only compilation.


All information need not be proven immediately, because in the course of discussion if anything is inadvertently wrong, those will automatically be cleansed. But it requires participation of many in this face book page. PARTICIPATION IS THE KEY WORD HERE. Now, friend, start with yourself, share your experience.



A place to express myself without any attempt to look good, intelligent--a raw version of me. It includes discussion as we have in an ADDA comprising argumentative Indians. In an ADDA people break ranks to speak on anything on which the speaker may be an expert including a self-styled ones or a stark-novice, but asserts equally in full voice, to put forward their wisdom . Nothing to be taken too seriously, there is a joy in talking unrestricted--nothing far and no further. In it, I find a bond to hundreds of my people, from my school days to the day of my retirement ,which otherwise I could not make access only I talk, nobody can stop me. Here, you will experience ' right to talk ' in its extremes. THIS GIVE ME A GREAT RELEASE . LONG LIVE MY BLOG AND DIGITAL FRIENDSHIP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!