Ticketless passengers travel Rajdhani express by bribing ticket examiner.

Just now ie at 8-00 pm of 2nd February, 2018, I watched an elaborate sting report in ABP ANANDA TV channel, where bold reporters brought before us how freely and in a carefree way ticketless passengers  can travel in various Rajdhani expresses and other prestigious trains-north, south , east and west,  in the country. The report is quite exhaustive, and I would suggest every citizen of the country , if possible, to collect and preserve this video podcast as a record for future. There cannot be anything untrue in the reports as the reporters showed us vivid video records by their hidden camera. As a sufferer, I say that this is no short of classic  dimension, reporters have given a great service to the nation. What is important that the guilty involved in this misdeeds who  are propagating this corruption , doing it boldly, have no fear. Appears there is no control of authority over this corruption, looks they are powerless. The corruption here irrespective of the color of the Govt. in power, like many other aspect are practiced systematically. There is no chance that this will change ever.

It is a gross violation of ethics that ticketless passengers who should have been thrown behind bars are pampered with allotment of birth against collection of bribe money in important trains like Rajdhani express/ Duronto. Bribe is the main consideration. With this kind of attitude, any terrorist may safely get into a safe berth in the Rajdhani, Duronto etc, and cause damage to hundreds of passengers and railway property. Now it is understandable why and how passengers’  luggage are regularly stolen from prestigious trains, inspite of presence of coach attendant, ticket collector, bedding boy, catering staff, and of course, security guards around. The grave thing is that whenever theft occurs, all these people I have mentioned are not around, the person who have lost the luggage frantically run about to find a solace, they find none at this crucial time. Victims of theft of luggage in the prestigious trains accuse the train staff involved in it—if you are a regular newspaper reader, you must have read of this suspicion in newspaper many many times. After watching in the ABP Ananda’s video today, the kind of involvement of ticket examiner in facilitating ticketless travelling in Rajdhani and other prestigious trains, it looks that it is very much possible there may be  active involvement of train staff in the periodic theft of luggage in Rajdhani/ Duronto Trains. In this backdrop, God forbid, if tomorrow there is any terrorist induced train accident, these train staff will definitely have a hand in it simply because these staff can do anything in exchange of money. We are unsecured, who will save us?? Who will hear us? None, because there is no saviour around.

The sting operation of ABP ANANDA also have shown how bad, unhealthy, adulterated and risky  food in all sorts, are served to the passengers with impunity. The railway authority does not seem to have any control on the operators, from the talks of railway officials it seems they are just helpless, cannot have any control in distant future even. It looks nobody-irrespective of the color of the Govt., is in a position to administer a country of 130 crores people. I sympathize for it is too big a task for them, I think that dividing the country at least in 200 independent self contained states in the present Indian union, where a common citizen can meet any minister whenever he requires and discuss his problem. Dear reader, I want to ask whether you have  ever been successful to met your minister whenever you needed, I am sure, you never could meet. Because they are too far and too few, for an ocean of people.

I had such an experience in that I desperately wanted to meet our prime minister, but I miserably failed. My idea was to express my grievance to him. The issue was I lost my luggage in the train on 22.10.2016, while I was coming to Mumbai from Howrah in  a ACII tier coach, in train no-12210. We seven passengers were drugged by the thieves before stealing away our luggage. After the loss, all of coach attendant, ticket examiner, bedding suppliers and catering staff were mysteriously vanished……we contacted private channels to inform of our theft and they started telecasting it in TV nation wide..This nationwide telecast made the authorities to move. Their packaging part begun to function, groups of railway staff/policemen started visiting us asking the same question repeatedly and irritatingly. FIR was lodged. As was expected, after six months, they informed that on not being able to recover the luggage they were closing the case. You know that it would have this fate anyway. That’s why, out of seven people who lost the luggage on that day, four did not report their loss as we did , because they knew nothing would be done by police/ or the railway authority. I admit that their foresight was more than mine. You can understand my anger.

Next I registered myself in  much publicized PMO’s grievance website.  As you know in this website, when you want to register you have to submit all your details like detailed postal address, mail id, phone nos etc etc, and I submitted all those, moreover, otherwise, the site would not have accepted my registration . I submitted all the details of my theft case also, seeking a compensation of Rs 40, 000 for my loss, also wanted to meet the prime minister personally. Now what followed is interesting  …………in reply PM’s office asked for my details ( it was not necessary at all because by submitting my details only I was registered in the site). Again I submitted all my details—theft case and contact details, still the reply was same ‘ submit your details’ without any elaboration or change of words. Now, it dawned upon me actually they did not want to do anything, at this I submitted that I understood that it was really difficult to rule a country of 130 crores people, and I did not like to pursue my case anymore.

Now finally I wonder if an educated man like me has to suffer like this, don’t get justice, what must have been the fate and suffering of crores of my illiterate, half-fed, unfed, naked countrymen???? In this backdrop, I wish I lived in a small, compact, well administered society where my safety, security and dignity would be ensured. !!!!!!!!!!…may be in my next birth my dream will be realized.

[ whenever I am aggrieved/ angry about anything, I tell it to my friends in an adda. This gives me a great relief, brings a  good night’s sleep, I have done the same thing here. The change is instead of speaking I wrote it down in this blog. This blog for me just what was the cloud for the great poet Kalidasa—of course, before he received the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.]


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