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This time Milon Mancha with its active and like minded members visited KALAGHODA FESTIVAL yesterday ie on 7.2.18. This is one of their many usual weekend programmes, spending minimum time and energy and this particular one was almost without any expenditure, producing enormous entertainment for its members. Members in the group visited many art and crafts spots in the fair/festival.
Artisans from distant rural places came and displayed their work. It was very exciting and educative.
This Milon Mancha group consisted of Rudra Mondal, Sharmistha Mondal, Paromita Mukharjee Mallick, Moumita samanta, Tripti Chakraborty etc etc. There were as many as 15 members. Members sang full throated songs in chorus, they danced all over the place, caught the attention of all those present in this august venue. ….. three dance dramas were enjoyed, those are respectively—Kathhak , Brahmaputra naad to nadi (Tamasru, sang here), and Blango performed by a couple from Greece.
Activities of Milon Mancha became a centre point of attention in Kala Ghoda yesterday, their activities were widely videoed, and photographed by many other curious visitors. See the photographs in other place of this facebook page because they will tell their own story. For members, it was minimum spending of time, in almost 5 hours everything was covered. Thanks Milon Mancha.
Last but not least, Milon Mancha’s next program is to travel to Nagaland and Manipur, in the month of April this year. It is likely to be a tough and hardy tour, expected to spread over 15 days.


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