So, ultimately, mobile phone do no harm—Really ??????????.

Is mobile phone really without any side effect?? Two latest American studies say that using mobile phone is harmless, if it does, that must be very small as per them. I am a small man, not a medical person, but I take this sort of news with a pinch of salt. There has been a continuous report that mobile phone harms, for me the latest finding regarding mobile phone cannot be correct. My doubt is because, suppose the findings were otherwise ie radiation of mobile phone harms, in that case, what would be the effect of it?, can the Govts all over the world, control the use of mobile phone??. No, no Govt on this earth can control the use of a mobile phone which has become widespread by this time . In such a scenario what will happen to the businesses that is pivoting upon/ or making use of mobile phones constantly, there is a pressure, as I guess, to rationalize the use of mobile phone. The latest two American ‘findings’ are in that line, this is my strong guess.

Use of mobile phone has become an integral part of almost all people’s lives. Just look around wherever you are at this very moment, you will see that most of the people are using mobile phones; when they are in a group of people, it is natural that they could be talking to each other direct, instead, they are finding something in the net of his smart phone or talking on the phone to a distant man. Further, a great part of daily chores are performed by smart phone. It has become an integral part of our life world over, doing away with mobile phone is unthinkable. Moreover, application of artificial intelligence is knocking at the door because AI will require mobile phone extensively. People say soon 70% of present jobs in the market will not be anymore, those will be done AI.
It is possible that this sort of studies done purposively- possibly paid, calculative way to arrive at a convenient conclusion which is workable, convenient and not stopping money making pursuits. Actually whole world moves around making money. Where there is no money those will not be pursued any more………… Take the cases of drugs. Before finally releasing an allopath drug in the market, effect of the medicine are studied on human being also, but only those findings are published which is favourable for selling to happen. Wherever, any adverse effect is noted, those studies are not published or those toned down. Actually, here is a business what is the main criterion. I am sure if tomorrow, by magic power, a medicine is invented which cures all the diseases permanently, that new medicine will never be released in the market.
Coming back to latest Amarican studies on mobile use, I understand the reason also. Actually, certain things are not workable. Take the case of selling of wayside foods in our country, which is consumed by our gentry widely throughout the country simply because those are cheap. But those foods cannot be without bad effect; it has to be, for in preparing those foods sub-standard and cheap ingredients are used which lowers the cost of the finished foods to sell well. I am sure you also have experienced these very bad and sub standard foods. Yet those are certified to be good and healthy foods, otherwise, Authorities had to control these which they cannot control, much easier to certify that those foods are really harmless to save their own embarrassment like what Americans studies have said that use of mobile phone is harmless, if it harms, then harm is very minimum. It could not be otherwise.
You will soon see how these two reports wil be widely cited and quoted by mobile tower companies . Actually, world is driven by economics, life of a human being is not sacrosanct. We cannot fight against anything very organized—national or international, we have to accept it, acceptance brings peace of mind.

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