A get together on Basanta Utsav in Milon Mancha



We had a very nice evening in connection with a get -together related to Basanta utsav, on 3.3.2018, at the venue of Milon Mancha . As always it was well planned and a compact program comprising a number of cultural items , by well-known artists, with a fine dinner in the end, in a compact three- hour program, where members had paid a very minimum amount –Rs 500/- per head for it, which comprised a good evening snacks, and a decent dinner.In brief it was a well managed program without leaving out any loose end or any excesses , under the loving leadership of Rudra Mondal, Sharmista, and a few others.
We assembled at the venue of MM at 6-30 pm, we were forty. Members were welcomed with customery Abir, sweet, and then the new meets were lightly introduced to each other. Soon after, all the members moved in a group to the near-by nature park. The program started with a welcome song-“ ore grihabasi, khol dar khol” in chorus. Then followed songs and dance in a rhythmic sequence in chorus, doubles and singles as required by the items. There were many artists.


To mention a few—Surjo ( a singer, needs no introduction), Megh Aiyon ( A dancer) ,Basudev ( a khol player), Artist Smitha, of course, many many others, it was really a collection of artists , under the watchful eye of loving and understanding leadership of Rudra Mondal. Professional and non- professional all played, none was left out looking unimportant , shaky , unsafe. He was watchful, as is always, to provide healthy cultural pleasure to each of the members. Another hero of such program of Milon Mancha is Amalendu sil—he and Rudra Moldal, apart from other roles they play, have silently taken up a role upon themselves, to make look everybody beautiful in their photos—they catch their subjects in various poses, posture and moods. It is their hobby. In my photos caught by his camera , I appear hundred times more beautiful and smarter, than what I actually am. Many of you must have been watching over and over again in the confines of your home your photos. For me, I do……repent also that if I had such a photographer in my youth!!!!! Young people must note.

We came back at the venue from the park at around 9-00 Pm, We had a great dinner, ending with a serve of payes. With a sweet memory, we left for home, reached safely and now visiting, revisiting the photographs, audio and video records, a few enclosed for your remembrance. Any good things gives us multiple pleasures, first when it happens in real time, and then when we visit and re-visit those in our memory.

If anybody asks me what stays with me best about the whole evening, to select one item only with no option for the second, I would say it is the manner the programs are conducted in Milon Mancha—quality of cultural items selected, their arrangement/order, apportioning of time, and packing you back home without wasting any time in between, it’s the hall mark of Milon Mancha……………….sometimes, my mind goes back to the rural Bengal of seventies. Those time when there was no TV, one important way to be entertained was watching Jatra; mainly at the time of harvesting and festivals, village folk would go to see jatra playing important social and historical stories. There would be huge crowed for it. That time it would be a whole night affair. Whatever the content of the play it would be stretched for whole night anyhow, by starting late and giving irritating breaks. In a winter night , often people draped in chaddar in the audience, fell asleep only to wake up in the morning when all else left. Although this jatras were educative and entertaining, were not popular in cities because those were unprofessionally managed, would take much time for delivery. But in the seventies, a revolution took place, this jatras were cut down to three hours strict, like cinema shows, suddenly there were an upsurge of interest, the city elites soon joined the masses to visit the jatra shows. An imaginative approach makes people to participate spontaneously.
Conducting the cultural events of Basanta Utsav and all others, whole credit goes to Milon Mancha. LONG LIVE MILON MANCHA . The program ended with a chorus song reflecting the philosophy of MILON MANCHA, written and composed by Sri Surjo, the well known singer, who grew up in the shadow of Manna Dey , a true representative of Manna Dey to the masses..

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