Mumbai Municipal Corporation works impartially and fearlessly.

At least me, think that BMC works impartially without doing any favour to high and mighty. Usually big people take law in their own hand, and distort it to suit their own end, without any fear of punishment. This is the norm in our country generally.

BMC is a contrast. Recently, TOI reported BMC served notice to Kishore Kumar’s House in Gauri Kunj, in Juhu, as there has been unauthorised construction. Before this,  BMC issued notice to Shatrughna Sinha, a BJP MP for similar unauthorised construction. Previously, there was demolition  of Arshad Warsi, and  Shah Rukh Khan’s bungalow, even Shahrukh Khan had to pay Rs 1.9 lakh as labour charge to carry out the demolition of unauthorised portion and removal of related garbage… This all reminds me of one Mr Khairnar who once was a chairman of BMC and removed the unauthorised construction of mighty people. In a nutshell, BMC’s performance is commendable all through , it works fearlessly. I am proud of BMC.



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