My Greatest Motivator, Laxman

I have been writing this blog for last six months, I have so far only 6500 views. By Internet standard it is miniscule.  In this background, naturally, a tall and smart young reader is my very favourite. His name is Laxman, a Marwari boy from an established business family in Naigaon. They have a chain of businesses in this Naigaon Village, a small hamlet of fisherman community. This family came to Naigaon from Rajsthan  way back in eighties. You can make an idea of remoteness of Naigaon in those days judging by the fact that  Naigaon Railway station came up in 1995 only.

They established a chain of businesses in this Naigaon, comprising provision stores, medicine shop, real estate etc etc, at a time when very few people started living here. Without sharpest business acumen none could invest their wealth in that period. They took a lot of calculated risk, and it paid off now, and presently, holding a leading position . Everybody want to join a business when it is already established or at a time when there is no more risk, only profit effortlessly flowing in. There is no credit in such a borrowed achievement. Marwaries only can run businesses so successfully, hats off to them………….I have seen in HILI , in remote corner of West Bengal –where even now very few Bengalis made access , Marwaries started a number of  Rice Mills which still now successfully running. I came in contact with them when working in FCI.  One Agarwall family started Balurghat  AirTransport in those days, from the same remote place. It was leading Air Transport in Eastern India in those days, right after our independence.

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My reader Laxman, while having a hands-on training in their family businesses, pursuing his college education. Studying pharmacy, soon he will be a holder of diploma certificate from Rajasthan University. His other three brothers are equally good, and holds a great future in businesses. His parents are my friends, they have raised them to be perfect gentleman with nice temperament for businesses. At last I thank him to be a great reader of mine. I wish this business family a great all out success.

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