Railways have announced they will now serve combo meals like in the planes, in elite trains like Duronto, Rajdhani ( ??????????? my mind with electrical speed goes to Kolkta dumping ground meat supply industry??????????. Now a days when I buy ticket in Duronto, I settle at the option of ‘ no food’) on a trial basis, on being successful, they will extend to all 334 trains. I cannot believe it will ever work. This sort of statement is only to temporarily assuage the feeling of angry passengers. I doubt their decision because chairman of Railway board says that the bad report about the quality of food supplied in Railways is an exaggeration. This sort of statement reveals that there is no sincerity of their effort, this is only a measure of postponement which they do not have the capacity to address, a camouflaged expression of their incapacity.

I personally believe in a country of 135 crore people, daily 1 crore passengers travelling is simply unmanageable, by any Govt on this earth. In spite of periodic so called better arrangement by the Railways, as to cleanliness, food quality, security or other passenger comfort, as soon as you board the train the scenario completely changes, you will see nobody around to take your complaint. Toilets unclean, Rexin of berths torn, rats running under the seat. There are many railway notices on the Doors, walls of compartments displaying many mobile nos to contact IRCTC authority, Railway board, Ministry to contact them for help; you will see no landline or mobile number works which is frustrating in that hour of need, at that time I curse myself—why one is born in this country at all !!!!!!!! There is no respite from the sufferance at all. During my train journey in the first week of May, a co-passenger, a professional photographer, keeping his borrowed, costly camera on his seat, went to bathroom, coming back he saw it was lost. He was like a mad man frantically running from one end of the coach to other, asking for his camera but with no result. I do not understand why CCTD is not installed in the coach, in a suitable way.

I had my share of experiences. In 2016, while Coming from Kolkata, we seven people in an AC Coach, were robbed of our luggage. There were no dearth of RPF, catering people, coach attendant and bedding boy—but miraculously absent at the time of occurrence of crime. Out of 7 affected, five did not complain because they did not have faith in getting justice from the Railways, myself with another passenger – only two, complained and lodged FIR with police. Nothing came out of it. I wrote to Office of PMO for redressal of justice and pay compensation, but in my experience what emerged it was a perfect packaging and no content, the inevitable happened, like a good boy I had to be quiet with empty hand.


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