99.8% marks in CBSE Class XII ( Arts Group), 2018  Board final exam–Can it be right evaluation??

This year a candidate, Meghna srivastava, who stood first in plus two, by getting 499 out of 500 marks, that is 99.8% marks. While she must be congratulated for achieving of such high marks, but it is not understandable how an examinee can get 99.8% marks—that too in arts subjects. This amounts to consciously lowering the standard of evaluation of exam papers, with this standard of education. By interpretation, she has learnt everything of her subjects, nothing more for her to learn. This simply cannot be true.

This indicates the height of loose marking in our system.  I understand the importance of making way to elusive pass marks for first generation and bottom layer students who do not want to go for  higher studies, just want to scrape through the school— for them  loose marking is harmless  so that those bottom layer students are saved from disappointments of failure, and encouraged to stay in education for the family. Moreover, they are not going to become doctors , engineers, bureaucrats—of course, political carrier should not yet be written off.

But for candidates aspiring to achieve top positions, marks should not be so loose. This will create a false standard in the mind of ambitious students; this will misguide them in future. Best is that for those scoring, say more than 70%, evaluation should be very strict. In our days, a student would not get more than 50% marks in literature, even if it was best, in terms content, thought, and analysis. Once being frustrated,  I asked my teacher the reason for my getting  marks less than expected, he told mine was fine no doubt, but while evaluating, some allowance was left for my further progress, 90% marks in literature, would give me the wrong impression that I had learnt everything, there would be no more urge left for me to learn more. Complete perfection in knowledge is never attainable……… it was 50 years ago, my snuff-taking, stocky dark complexioned , loved and feared, English language teacher no longer living in this world now, but now I am 67 years old— well past my youth, school and college life, even retired as Govt job after exhausting the whole quota, still I am learning, several hours a day, sense of incompleteness refuses to leave me even today !!!!!

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