LISTEN, ANIRBAN SINGS FOR YOU [ …. getting blessings of the legendary singer, Sudesh wadekar]


IMG-20191101-WA0042Anirban chakraborty, is a professional singer in Mumbai. He has been singing to the audience of Mumbai, for  last ten years. He has been singing in hall shows, stages, and five star hotels , also in social and family occasions, to the corporates, and elites of Mumbai.

Although, he performs mainly in Mumbai city, he performs in other metropolis in India and overseas also. He visited Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Ghana ( Africa) in connection with his performance.  This apart, he sings for dubbing films, and gives voice to cartoon films. Here, he is submitting his rendition of a KUMAR SANU song in his voice. Also, a small glimpse from his usual performance  from a social gathering, is given below. Please listen to the songs, and comment in his you tube channel. If it is to your liking, you may like to share digitally with your friends, for, by this he may reach to a wider audience, the ultimate goal of any performing artist!!!!!





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