I have visited Belur Math so may times that I fail to keep count of.  Actually,  I was brought up In Bally, Howrah, the adjacent village, on the side of Ganges. Most of the time I used to spend time in the Ganges, rest of the time would be spent wandering about Belur Math, Dakshineswar, least of time on books. Holding my mother’s hand tight , I would go to the charitable  dispensary of the Math to take treatment for fever, stomach ache, cough and cold that one suffers in childhood. Those days the surroundings of the temple , was not smart like today. Often I visited, inside of the walled Math, without understanding the significance of those. Yesterday, again I visited. This time read all the notice boards describing the reason as to why various memorials have come up. These are very significant. The difference of my present visit, with the past is that now I understand the importance of  all the spots in the Math  area.

I have plucked a few leaves of the Bel tree, under which, Swami Vivekananda would relax, near which his earthly remains were consigned later. Now, a memorial stands there.These leaves will be treasured possession for me.  Mentally, these leaves carry me forward , through a long period of lost time to the feet of Swami Vivekananda, and drop me there. Similar feeling I had when I collected and possessed the leaves of Bodhi tree of Gaya, under this Bhagan Budhha achieved salvation.

I saw the memorials–one after other,  under which earthly remains after cremations are preserved–Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Sarada Devi, and their seven disciples. Memorials of living room of Vivekananda also exists. In olden days when I visited I would regard those as simple structures and finish off the round in a few minutes, this time , matured with age and information, those memorials have become live to me, I felt in great communion with God, a feeling of direct touch.

Now, I understand, I was brought up in a sacred place , on the side of the Ganges, in a stone’s throw distance of Dakshineswar, Belur math, Tarakeswar, Jairambati–all sacred places which  people of the world die to visit. Moreover, my place is sacred because–GANGAR PASCHIM KUL VARANASI SAMATUL.




A place to express myself without any attempt to look good, intelligent--a raw version of me. It includes discussion as we have in an ADDA comprising argumentative Indians. In an ADDA people break ranks to speak on anything on which the speaker may be an expert including a self-styled ones or a stark-novice, but asserts equally in full voice, to put forward their wisdom . Nothing to be taken too seriously, there is a joy in talking unrestricted--nothing far and no further. In it, I find a bond to hundreds of my people, from my school days to the day of my retirement ,which otherwise I could not make access only I talk, nobody can stop me. Here, you will experience ' right to talk ' in its extremes. THIS GIVE ME A GREAT RELEASE . LONG LIVE MY BLOG AND DIGITAL FRIENDSHIP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!