Every third Indian committing suicide, is in the 18-30 age group.

I was reading a news report about our youth’s vulnerability to suicide, in the cities–especially Mumbai. The reason mentioned is–loneliness of migrants, tough competition and constant social media evaluation. In my opinion, none of reasons advanced,  can be eliminated, for , all those are necessary. For economic reason, migration can not be stopped, its not healthy also, be it Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai. (Now a days nobody migrates to Kolkata as it is a dead city, while all other cities moves ahead, Kolkata is in slumber, living in the past, and people there invents some or other glories in the past–imaginations included, and rest in peace).  Good economics encourages best talent at least price both nationally and internationally.

When migration can not be stopped, anxiety connected with it also can not be stopped. Next comes competition, nobody can stop it, it brings out the best of a man, and of a nation. It is here to stay. Social media is a great blessings, has improved communication. Its a one way traffic, it knows to move ahead, can not come back. Therefore, reasons shown to be responsible for increasing suicide rate among youth, namely, loneliness of big cities, migration and social media spread & evaluation can not be stopped, then question is , how do we stop suicides???

Clearly, there needs an emotional shock-absorber for the youth with suicide potential, and it can be Music and meditaion. I do not say only these two are the answer, there certainly, will be many more, never the less, these two are of paramount importance.

Developing the taste for music, needs long grooming, it should be taught right in school, even at the cost of  any other ‘ important’ subject.  Duty of Education is to prepare a man first, he himself will learn what is necessary next. Meditation, is another important aspect to support youth emotionally, it gives courage, confidence, guts and greet. Have you seen how Thai footballers, currently in news,  locked in a cave and flooded, waiting for a sure death, maintained their confidence??–listen from their rescuers. Those boys and their coach, practiced meditation. IF TOMORROW, SOMEBODY MAKES ME THE KING OF THIS COUNTRY, I WILL SCRAP OUR EXISTING EDUCATION SYSTEM LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL, AND IN ITS PLACE I WILL ESTABLISH A SYSTEM OF EDUCATION, WHICH WILL TEACH ONLY MATHEMATICS, MUSIC, MEDITATION AND A LANGUAGE. Rest of the things, he/she will learn himself. Yesterday I was listening to TED talk, given by a researcher on education. He has been going to remotest corners of undeveloped countries, picking up boys and girls, and providing them computers and internet connection, to play about with it, with no fear for damaging the computer system provided to them. Amazingly, they are learning on complicated matters, even when they do not know the language required for the purpose. This experiment he is doing for past several years. Only conclusion that can be drawn from it is that learning is automatic provided you leave them free and supply them necessary equipment, state should arrange to teach only Maths, Music, Meditation and a language.

My guiding theory is that , first make the man of sound mind and right values, then he will learn everything himself. Our education formalized only what we informally learned from the advent of human being. My suggestion is only about the core aspect, embellishment can be done as per requirements later, and most of this is automatic. When we will reach that stage, there will not be any more suicides.


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