Stop living on edge –Swami Kriyanada in ET

The average person is like an eccentric flywheel that is not centred properly. The faster the wheel turns, the more violently it vibrates, ultimately flying apart. Most people are frequently in danger of ‘flying apart’ mentally. Living at their periphery, they vibrate more violently the faster they whirl through life. Few think of themselves as even having a centre. They are forever ‘on edge’.

Living at periphery forces you to relate to others at theirs. They, in turn, will be ‘on edge’ with you. Your understanding of them will be superficial. Get mentally inside whatever you are trying to understand, to gaze outward from its centre. The secret of understanding others is to identify with them at their centre. To find the centre of anything or anyone, first withdraw to your own centre and project your feelings empathetically from that point.

Meditation is the process of finding your centre. Its success depends on right attitude. The first attitude fundamental to ‘centring’ is self-acceptance. You are who you are. Make the best of it, and envy no one. Encourage yourself in your efforts to attain your highest potential. Self-acceptance will come progressively as you try to live up to the highest in you.

True conscience is innate. It is the silent voice of the soul. Be clear in your true conscience. When you resist your lower impulses and strive towards inner heights, your conscience will be reasonably clear. You will achieve that measure of emotional and psychic relaxation without which it is impossible to find rest at your centre.



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