What the longest study( 75 years….) says about happiness.

I was today listening to a TED lecture about Harvard university’s longest and continuing study as to what brings real happiness to human being. The said study is continuing for 75 years, and still continuing under its fourth director in line. Sample comprised 750 persons, started sometime in 1938. One of them became president of America, some could not make any mark in life, some others became engineers, doctors , a few of them became insane also. Some 50 of those in original sample are in their nineties. This Study interviewed their spouses, relatives and children also, it was all encompassing , and thorough.

The result of the study after 75 years, is that real happiness comes from relationship. What love, kindness, fellow feeling, bring in, simply enormous; much  more than material wealth. In contrast, we firmly believe money and material happiness is be-all and end-all of life. We may learn something although it will be difficult shake off the age-old ignorance.

Steve Job also said the same thing. A video is given below.  What he said is important. He in his own words said lying on his death-bed that he had earned the wealth of the world, materially, achieved the  pinnacle of success, and now he finds that it is the relationship that counts most, not the money. Love, caring, kindness, friendship brings the real happiness. When I or you say something, people may not listen, but when Steve Job or what above study of continuous 75 years, says, carries definite weight.





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