Migration can not be reversed

Migration is an issue now. What NRC is doing in north east, in effect, is to find out who are the people, have come from outside–actually, what they mean really,  is that to locate who has come from Bangladesh, but till date not undergone the process of documentation. I do not know law in details, it is the lawyers’ prerogative to judge the law breakers and punish, I have no say in it because I am not supposed to, I am a law abiding citizen.

But I have certainly the right to discuss human behavior in this regard. All of us except a very few, are migrants. I am a Bengali, living in Mumbai, came from Kolkata–there I was born and brought up. My parents came to Kolkata from East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. My great grandfather, went to Bangladesh, from Burdwan, W.B. If anybody is reading the blog, he may please look back to his past, and I am sure, he is not presently living in the same place where he and his ancestors were born. If it were otherwise, he would not have been reading this blog.

The reason is simple, the story of human civilization, is a story of migration, if they were adamant not to move, they would have perished by this time!!!.  Human appeared in this earth 2000000, years ago in Africa, migration started 70,000 years ago. 10,000 years ago , an ice age befell them, distorting the whole mass of ocean water and landmass; with lesser quantity of water around, landmasses came to be connected to one another in continuation. This drove people to migrate across the present day continents to save their life.

If you and me analyse our Genes, we will know that all these historical information lying in our gins. I always desired to analyse my gin, and now it is goading me  into action, if it does not involve too much money I shall go for the test. Are you also willing? then join me if you would like to know the information lying in our gin, and to know where actually came from. You may be wondering  as to why this man is so much worked up, over a non-issue. Actually, in north east India presently Govt started locating outsider, therefore, it has become a matter for discussion nationwide. If history is any guide, then I have no doubt that those who have come to settle in those border areas, will settle of course over a period. If you drive them out, they will certainly come back in higher number if India is really a land of opportunity, now it can be the issues to settle between the Govts.

People with education, skill, and willingness to do hard work will migrate to a land where their talent has demand, no force of the world can reverse it. You can find Keralites at every corner of the country, and the world because they are most educated, and hard working. Even people from India, and other Asian countries moved to Europe and America, proved their talent, rose to become honored  educationist, politician, Industrialists. Their contribution is well recognized there, without outsiders those countries would be poorer. …………I think some time from now, huge people from Asian countries, will migrate to Europe and America, in spite of periodic threat of stopping immigration there, and throwing them out. Reason is simple, growth rate of their own population is dwindling, don’t have sufficient no. of people to care for their own development. In contrast, we have more people in Asian countries, with proper education and skill, and available to do their job, this people will migrate according to the force of history. RHETORIC OF TRUMP OR ANYBODY ELSE IN HIS PLACE , WILL FALL DOWN. One may like or not, migration is here to stay, now how we accommodate that in our thought process ONLY TIME WILL TELL. For the time being, I thank you for reading of my whatelsetodo evening talk………………………………


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  1. This migration is grave problem in our land especially in north eastern region. BJP is only party which can deal with aptly the problem I believe so.


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