A judgment on simple language needed

The bench of NCLT, after reading a judgement of National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), has observed that the Bench has to write a judgement as to how a judge should write a judgement. It is very much welcome by the masses, as the practice of writing complicated convoluted sentences does not end within the limit of court, it comes down to other extensive fields, as different fields emulate the courts and unnecessarily endeavor to formulate their communications in a similar way, it causes untold anguish and bewilderment of the masses.

The note sheets of office files bear a testimony to that. Often there are long and complicated sentences, meaning nothing and creating confusion. One of my colleagues once told me that office note sheets are playground for a burocrat, language acrobatics is practiced here with a lot of claps from all around…. It says so many things, yet says nothing!!!!. Net result is that decisions / directions, given in complicated sentences are un-understandable, and un-workable. Such decisions creates endless confusion, causing misery to the public. Many would say that those formation of sentences has a technical requirement, otherwise, right meaning could not be conveyed.This is a strong argument where the legality is concerned but not always true, otherwise, why the Bench of NCLT, would issue such an observation.

There are some people who writes only English and nothing else, their job is to make simple thing difficult. Language is expected to be communication medium for doing a work, but language is manipulated in such a fashion that inefficiently done work is camouflaged in the jugglery  of word, in such a situation the word-juggler cannot be caught and punished. They  consult  traditional English dictionary–Oxford, and find out bombastic wards replacing the simple ones. Thus their work turns irrelevant producing illegible result, leading to unclear submission and unclear decision. Face to face at such an unenviable position, there is  a feeling of helplessness, where everything gets stuck. Innocent member of public curses his fate, being encircled by a set of no-no-no and no.

Thus, in view of above, the observation of NCLT very much appropriate towards betterment of communication, removing the bottlenecks in public service. WORKPLACE LANGUAGE SHOULD BE SIMPLE, FREE FROM AMBIGUITY, AND UNDERSTANDABLE TO ALL. Ans as for the courts, which serves as a standard for lower down, the observation of bench has come not a day too soon. Such bad language has to be banned like the present day ban of plastic bags.


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