We in the JAJABAR GROUP, comprise a small number  of like minded people, visited Lonavla to celebrate monsoon, from 18.08.2018 morning  to 19.08.2018 evening. There were many new faces –old, young and children, who are still studying or just waiting a launch of their promising career ahead, as a reward of their hard work. They were determined people and full of energy to enjoy monsoon with their abundant energy.  Seeing children enjoying in front of us, the elders, is satisfying.

We were twenty in number, our group was led by Sri Mangal Chowdhury and Debasis Saha–they made all the arrangement of our food and lodging  in advance, and were in charge, in conducting the whole tour. Sri Abhijit Sengupta and and his wife Sudeshna, are my new discovery, they are gentle man and woman, made our team enjoy the tour better.

We travelled to Lonavla, by train from Dadar. Some of our members, reached there in their own vehicles, but most of us caught The Deccan Queen, at 7-00 am, from Dadar. At around  9.30 am, reached Lonavla, from there we reached NUSI lodge of Bombay port trust.  Food and lodging provided to us was at unbelievably low price. Our stay was cosy and comfortable, and this helped us to enjoy Lonavla to the most.  During our stay , weather was cold due incessant downpour of rain; heavy cloud enveloped us; with this wind was blowing hard. A comfortable accommodation, with all necessary paraphernalia, our tour would not have been so comfortable.

After reaching Lonavla, we were led to our rooms. Then we took lunch; soon after, made for tiger point. Earlier occasions also, I visited the same place. But this time it was different; a heavy rain, constant high speed wind and a heavy cloud looking as dense fog, made the whole surroundings invisible, virtually was unable to come out of our vehicle. To make the matters worse, I was overpowered with a strong headache. Still, I ventured out, but strong pelting of rain dissuaded me to go far away from our vehicle, I rushed back to our vehicle and took shelter inside the vehicle, inside the car I was shivering to the bones. Here umbrella do not work, one or two of us tried to defy the nature with their umbrella, and paid the price —strong  wind either broke theirs, or blown it away.

Due to heavy rainy weather, we could not stay there for very  long time. Yet there were difficulties, and a sense of adventure with it. On our way back, we visited Durga Mandir. Rain and wind, continued, pursued us there also. After staying there for an hour, we made wayback  to our lodge. Then, we enjoyed hot tea and snacks in the lodge. The cold weather, chilly wind made the warmth of afternoon snacks, more enjoyable. In evening, all of us met in a meeting place, and shared our experiences excitedly. Here topics of discussion , were endless; as there were many new faces, they brought in many anecdotes from their life, to make the discussion lively.  I found a new friend in Abhijit Sengupta, an electrical engineer, working with solar energy; true to my nature, I made endless query with him on solar energy. He replied to all those patiently and knowledgeably, added to my knowledge.

We had a good dinner in the night. Our women members are full of artistic qualities. They sang, danced, and made the evening interesting, and unforgettable.

Next morning, we left for Narayani Mandir in Lonavla. It is very spacious place. All of we believers visited the idols, took prasadam, and saught the blessings of God. Naturally, there were unbelievers as well, who were not so eager to seek the blessings of God.This was an occasion that I tried to measure myself whether I am a believers or non-believers. Actually, I could not decide. Often in the past, with lot of energy I took part in intellectual debate over whether God exists or not; soon after I fell on the feet of God to save me from danger–real or imagined.  Here we had two octogenarians, who did not believe in God, and he has deep conviction in his belief, which at this age generally not seen, because at this position of life people starts softening.

But, unlike this very  old and strong man, I do not have a strong heart, mine is made of weak material. To be an atheist, one has to have a strong conviction, which I find in very few.  Here a look at  Jyoti Basu, a great communist leader, is worth. As a communist in red shirt, he has to be; he was an atheist, but his wife, was overwhelmingly theist, whole day she would worship goddess Kali–may be a part of her duty went to make amends for her husband as per his instruction. This is hypocrisy. Similarly must be the case of all atheist. About me, I admit that I am a weak soul, for my survival I need the support of God, so I always seek his/ her blessings. At Narayani Mandir, I prayed to God to keep the whole mankind and me, safe and sound. Did God listen to me?–only future will tell.

Then we had our meals as prasadam at Narayani mandir, soon after left for Dadar, and from there by train reached home at around 6.00pm. With a sweet memory we came back home. Thanks to JAJABAR, MANGAL CHOWDHURY AND DEBASIS SAHA.

I have given the account of my journey above.  More information about the journey can be had from photographs taken by our mobile phones, which are published in this post. Here we had the requirement of ace photographers like Sri Rudra Mondal, and  Sil da of Milon Mancha. They use expensive cameras, and other special requirements for photography, between them they have by this time taken several lakhs photographs.

But now look at our photographs below with our mobile phones. Although our photographs are not so rich in qualities but will give you a great account of our tour. Photographs will give an idea of what happened in our tour which we enjoyed a lot. Thanks for reading it.

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