Bangla bandh on 26.09.2018, and 3 deaths.

Bengal had bandh yesterday. Two students died in Islampur in Bengal. It is a planned game of political parties. Common people, especially the poor , is the instrument of political parties to achieve power.

……….  It is true we blame political parties for many things but I know very well without them country can not run. To hold and administer the country you need a Govt and that Govt is formed by the political parties—–in that sense , you need a Govt, and to form a Govt you need political parties. These are evils, necessary evils indeed.

There are are worldly interests in it . Once you are there you enjoy power, and the material possession that comes with power.  Due to imperfect practice of democracy, almost any misdeed you do going  there, you can escape with impunity. Even this cannot be said, as nobody reads me I am safe. All political parties vie with one another to be there. To get attention of the public and harvest voters, they do all sorts of acrobatics–it may be moral, immoral , ethical, unethical– everything, only words and interpretation will enthrone them.

To get public attention, they make happen events that will set public into motion. There were two students died in Islampur. I think there was a language issue initially, later worked up, that led to fighting in public which led to the death of two students. With death, a bigger issue created, which in turn led to bandh, a still bigger issue. And bandh led to burning of bus and human bleeding, and then set of debates and endless events that will set the future chain of events…… Everything will calm down as soon as the last vote is cast for 2019 General election, even they won’t waith for the result.

All those  above creates an effective medium for political parties. It is not bad, but only thing bad is the price the people , in this case, death of innocent school students from poor families pay. There was another death, this was of a shop keeper. In this just concluded political violence everybody gained except the poor people. Political parties tested their strength–the stronger fight in the form of more violence this time indicates BJP gaining strength, I guess there will soon be more bandhs by BJP in WB. TV channels also doing brisk business. Whole day they are showing dead bodies of two students with their relatives wailing. It breaks my heart to see mother of these boys are crying but helpless because other channels also show the same thing. All these work up the public ,and political parties are encouraged to call more violence, make happen more deaths etc etc.. These are instruments for them to remain in public attention.

It is the poor, half fed, unfed pay the price. Rich, educated who understands own well being don’t participate in it. They observe from far, it’s not that such violence they dislike, they enjoy the warmth of sort. Here, education is the culprit. If the people who died were educated, well fed, had higher standard of living, I am sure they would not be there to die. We can save our people from being used by political parties by making them educated. I am sure political parties do not like to educate them. They will talk of virtues, but never will want that the poorest and backward, become really educated. I have seen how the poorest of the poor, without food, shelter and water, are divided among political parties, and fighting among themselves to uphold the raw interest of political parties and in many cases, in the process they are not able to visit their homes for fear of political parties controlling those areas. I shall be happy only then, when all of our people become educated and behave as responsible political party supporters like those in European countries. With such responsible voters , political parties will not resort to bad deeds like this.

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