I’m Indian Muslim, Not Pakistani Muslim – CPIM, Mohammed Salim.

Here is a brilliant lecture by CPIM’s Mohammed Salim, in parliament. This lecture has the quality of textbook precision. Every school and college student listen to it, and that too quite often. Marxists, ruled 34 years in Bengal, although, initially, they did great job in teaching people their rights in this world–that they have equal right in the resources of this world. Their right is no less than that of a rich man, who unfairly, by virtue of their dexterity, cornered a great part of national wealth. Leftist Govt taught people the right…But at the latter part of the rule, they became greedy just like others. People’s representatives, soon became corrupt, and served their interest. Gradually, power shifted to the goondas, criminals. Education, industry spoiled in the state. Although,Govt changed, now TMC, is in power. These people are worse. Some think that if BJP comes to power next, things will improve, but I am not hopeful.

Sorry, I drifted from secularism to political degeneration. Getting back to the main issue, I would say, CPIM’s main philosophy is solid and laudable. They are really secular. This is very much essential for survival of India. Going by this, Mohd Salim’s lecture given above, is very important. After coming to power, BJP tried to reform many things, and like many economists, I also praise Modi on those count. In many fronts he has not produced result as promised, still I would not go against him on those count, especially because there is no other leader visible. But on secularism front he has failed miserable. He may have cured or in the process of curing many ills in the core sector, he is no good to maintain religious harmony, and India can not survive without religious harmony. I never say minorities are faultless, and as pure as Ganga water. There are many devisive elements among them, especially in the disadvantaged section in terms of education and wealth, but in upper class muslims, I do not see any devisive elements. For the interest of India, we must restore religious harmony. Hard religious practice do not survive, it will perish, along with its creators, just like ISIS, and alquaida, are perished or perishing. In this background, and associated philosophy of statecraft, Mohd Salim’s lecture in parliament, is relevant to me, and my kind of people. JAI HIND.

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