Dashami, the last day of Durga Puja, as I have known from childhood, has come and gone two days back, but Kolkata Durga puja, is continuing even after two days of Dashami. As I understand, there is no puja in it. This extravaganza, has no religiosity in it; to a man like me who has devotion to God, it is a mockery. Whatever it is, one thing is certain that there is no religiosity in it, without any iota of spirituality. All believers are humiliated by this circus.

Here, Purpose is totally different. Actually, 2019, General election, is knocking at the door, the Govt in power is making all the effort, to hook and organise young people, to work for TMC, the ruling party. The ideal way of doing it, was to develop the economy and bring employment/ housing/ good health,  for the deprived and backward youths, but that is not to be, as the Govt is inefficient and has no idea of development. Next effective– although in the negative way, is to get them involved in such nonsense work for want of anything better, and the same thing TMC is doing through this ‘carnival’.  In a society where people are really qualitatively educated there such gimmick would not have worked, but here those idiots are aplenty, even without your asking. This perhaps is the reason why Govts do not want their people become educated in all ages.

It is true the power has got involved, in the carnival, many artists and acclaimed individuals , but I doubt whether they came and joined this extravaganza, on their free will. The lure of money, and position, brought them here. They paid the piper to call the tune.

I think this is not carnival, but a circus where  idiots are collected.



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