Following the spate of report on wide-spread adulteration of milk, throughout India, I wrote an article in this blog, and sent it to the customer care, of Amul-milk, also. For some unknown reason, Facebook do not accept my posts. In my article, I asked Amul to to make programs and telecast regularly, so that public may know that Amul milk is free from adulteration. My point is appropriate, because Amul is a big brand, and consumed daily by millions: as I am one of them, hence my concern. Amul should remove doubts from the mind of consumers.

Amul authority contacted me today to explain their position, they asked me to visit their plant in Virar and Boiser, and see for myself, that their milk is really pure. I have not accepted their request, I wont go to their place, because this wont serve the purpose. It is not difficult for them to make a pure-lot which may not be representative of their total product. My concern is public health, not mine alone…………. Private news channels are showing day in day out, how the milk men are mixing detergent and other chemicals, to increase the volume of milk, to fill the shortfall , between what actually available from cows and buffaloes, and that actually consumed in India. How the gaps are met? certainly, from milk artificially made. In this back ground,  Amul has a responsibility to clear their image, by telling public , of the care they are taking to maintain their quality of milk. They also assured me that they will submit my demand to their higher authority, of the necessity of continuously apprising public their effort towards maintaining quality, through telecasting or press.

It is my habit to protest whenever there is irregularity in the system that I have been living in. Its true a lone person –that too a small and insignificant one like me, have limitations: not only that, there is risks associated with too much protesting in a deficient democracy like ours. For this no particular Govt is to blame, its that our society is like this, generally. It is same in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and African countries.  Actually, Institutions are not allowed to mature in developing countries. Moreover, Govt alone can not correct all the ills, citizens have a responsibility, they must protest wherever irregular things happen, and that should be in a non-violent way.  Continuous ,collective and repeated protests, will compel the Govt to take action. This is the duty of a responsible citizen, A GOVT IS AS GOOD AS ITS CITIZEN.

Another culprit is our defective education, a defective education, can not make responsible citizens having  courage to protest. A proper education only capable to create high moral values.  Children of any and every big man of our country , are sent to Europe for education, on completion of what they come back home to rule and function at a top position effectively.

Finally, many , many more should protest against unfair things, only then things will improve, our country will be a better place to live in. I AM HAPPY I  DO MY OWN WHEN SITUATION COME.

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