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Modi has struck deep inside LOC, inside Pakistan, and blown off terror camps of JAIS there. These terrorists killed 40 CRPF, not Military persons, and was planning for further attack in Indian Territory. It was a pre-emptive attack in that sense on a banned terrorist organisation. India’s action was technically correct in all respect, Pakistan has no argument to attack back India, for, there are no terrorist camp in our side. We must hail Modi.

Only Modi can do it, nobody else. It looks he prepared the homework for it since long back. His international diplomacy convinced the world that Pakistan is the breeding ground for the terrorist. Any terrorist action in any place of the world, has direct or indirect link with Pakistan. In the meantime, western countries themselves also have suffered from terrorism, they understood Modi’s argument better. He isolated Pakistan in the international comity of nations.

In my understanding Modi has done another great job. There are 22 crores Muslim population in India; among those, upper class Muslims, has no difference in their extent of love for our country, from you and me. They are respectable and honoured citizens of our country. Only, some among those lower class Indian Muslims, fall victim to Pakistani machination of rousing them against Hindu religion and India. Some of these unfortunate Muslims, have become supporter of Pakistan, and Pakistan uses them in their terrorist activities against India and other sabotages. Now, their cases have become weaker, when they see most of the Muslim countries support India, their religious protection gone. I remember Saudi prince went up to the airport to receive Modi, a great honour indeed. Now, incoming OIC meeting has invited India as a Guest of honour. This all are result of Modi’s diplomacy, I believe his minister of state M.J. Akbar did a good job. Pakistanis want that India should not have a place in OIC, as has been the case since independence, in spite of India’s best of effort. Modi’s successful friendship with Islamic countries, taken away the support base of negative Islamic forces of Pakistan and those in India, some of whom are sympathetic to terrorists.

All the above was the long preparation for attack of JAIS terror training camp inside Pakistan. As per report 300/400 terrorists and their trainer have been killed. ONLY MODI CAN DOIT, NONE ELSE. Only one caution—nobody should make religious discrimination, inside our secular India. United we stand, divided we fall. LONG LIVE MODI AND HIS LEADERSHIP.

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