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It looks we are saved–we means the people of this sub-continent. I strongly feel, like all other Indians that India-Pakistan fight has ultimately de-escalated….. this time at least.

India rightly bombed the terrorist training camp in Kashmir, when the terrorists with active state help of Pakistan, were in a mode of celebrating their nefarious act of extreme violence of killing 40 CRPF personnel at Pulwama, and was preparing for the next violence. As per report 300/400 terrorists died on the spot. Pakistan, complaining violation of sovereignty, in a retaliatory move, tried to bomb our military ammunition stock, and in the process, there was aerial fight, in which both the countries lost one aircraft each, our pilot was captured by the Pakistanis.

But I fear this not the end of it, it will continue for ever till eternity, unless ground reality changes. When Abhinandan, Indian fighter pilot was returning to India from his captivity to a hero’s welcome, at that very time in Poonch sector army officers and jawans were dieing in the firing from Pakistanis side. The spectre of violence won’t stop.

Terrorism is the state policy of Pakistan, their Govt. vowed to revenge when they just lost East-Pakistan, to launch a low intensity war with India which will thwart India’s progress. One Pakistani General once said keeping India bleeding through supporting Kashmiri separatists reduces the cost of  maintaining an extra  brigade of army by Pakistan. This also successfully influences the Indian Muslims of lower economic class with less education, to revolt against India Govt in sympathy. Whatever, Pakistan is successfully disturbing India by their agents from within India. Upper class Muslims are not into it, many of them are my trusted family friends.

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Now, how to save ourselves from further destruction. My view is that in its present format violence at LOC will never stop, then why not invite UN peace keeping force, and hand over to them the LOC for maintaining peace, after observing due process. Necessary cost India and Pakistan may pay to UN, for, we are losing men, material and industrial progress of invaluable dimension; moreover, there is constant fear of terrorist attack in the big cities of India. Fear is ever present in the minds of India. This is doing enormous damage to India and Indians. Big powers—America, France, Britain won’t do any good so long their arms- selling is a profitable business. They will be active only when some damage is done to them like the 9/11. Intellectuals of Pakistan will also support this move I guess, but rogue elements, be in the Govt or elsewhere, have different motive.  Leave off them, our mission is to get rid of them.

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