” Slogan shouting and screaming ‘Zindabad’ or ‘ Murdabad’ will not make any difference. If you really want to do something, join the defence forces. Or encourage someone in your family to do so. If that is not possible, small things could help–keep your surroundings clean, don’t litter, don’t urinate in the open, and do not harass women. Stop spreading communal hatred. Small gestures go a long way.”.

This words are from the wife of NINAD MANDAVGANE , who died in the line of duty in a helicopter crash with five other IAF men near Budgam in central Kashmir on 27.2.2019. This was advised by his wife to a crowd of people shouting slogans when the deceased pilot was being taken for funeral.

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The above should be written in golden letters as a guide to lazy young Indian men –of whom we have too many in west Bengal, for all time to come, who does nothing worthwhile except uttering only noble words.These slogan mongers are either generally political people with an eye to catch vote, seeking opportunities for personal gain, or , for sheer entertainment. I repeat do not understand what they say, neither bother, they do not have any seriousness of purpose. These are hypocrites, caste them into dustbins–earliest best….. In my young days I have seen such people protested against events occurring in Cuba, America, China , Indonesia, while themselves keeping safe at home. One advantage in such behavior is that you pass for a progressive intellectual, without subjecting yourself to any acid test to qualify for same. This impression I have, deeply embedded in my bones, since young days, their hypocrisy always irritated me. The sane advice of the wife of the hero, gave voice to my long impression deeply buried in my mind. I easily identify with those hypocrites. What is your view???

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