We are just what God wills for us

Recently an air crash in Ethiopia killing all those on board, nearly 160 passengers and crew, caught headlines world over. It caught my attention as well, but for other reason. Not for those who boarded the plane, rather for the lone man who missed the flight by two minutes, who despite his utmost effort to enter  the gate to airport, but for unknown reason he was not allowed. But if it were otherwise, he would be the 160th person in the dead man’s list. I know a similar case of my ex-colleague, in ESIC, who went to Patna, in connection with an official meeting. While he was returning he missed the flight because of delay and the same flight crashed, thus he was saved, later completed his service tenure, and still after retirement going strong still now. He is a doctor by profession, an an aesthetic.

In young days one does not know the uncertainties of life; moreover, there are not too many responsibilities to discharge then. The few he has, his parents take care of , don’t face the real grind of life, goes light at everything. Then he feels that he HIMSELF is the architect of his life, he need not submit to any super power, bowing to a power is certainly an expression of one’s ‘weakness’. I was also of similar type. Now, when I have traversed the greater portion of life, experienced so many things, now I realise there certainly is God who controls every part of our life. Otherwise, why the gentleman should be late in arriving to report for the flight, which , in particular, is destined to crash. Also, there are cases of passengers who rush against time to catch flight, only to crash soon after.

I am certain, it’s God’s will. If He favours you, then no danger can happen to you, if otherwise, none can save you. RAKHE HARI MARE KE, MARE HARI RAKHE KE.

Author: Your useful Books.

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