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It is a matter of worry for all of us in India. There is an understanding currently between America and Taliban in Pakistan. What it really means that America is handing over power to Taliban with a purpose to  leave Pakistan. This is selfishness on the part of America, they want to be big power without taking any responsibility. They created Taliban to secure their own interest in Afghanistan, supplied them arms, and trained to kill and create violence, used Taliban in all possible manner. By the process they disturbed our Asian sub-continent from the bottom….. now, as they no longer able to manage– actually they bitten more than they could chew, now they want to leave Afghanistan, virtually admitting defeat. This is a nightmare  for all of us, and, it is a good news for Pakistan, Taliban and the separatists in Kashmir. All these means terrorism, and more terrorism for all of India. Western people do not care unless they are affected; before 9/11, they did not know the pains of India from terrorism.

Recently, when a meeting between Taliban and America was going on in Dubai, on the arrangement of leaving Afghanistan to Taliban,  Taliban blew off a whole company of soldiers in Afghanistan. If this is state of affairs, when America has not yet left Afghanistan, imagine what would be the position when America has wholly left Afghanistan !!!!. There will be devastation all around. ISI and Pakistan will rejuvenate, Kashmiri separatists will be doubly encouraged. And what will follow to the safety and security of we Indians ???. There of course, are some Indians who are sympathetic to Talibans, they don’t know what it will lead to. Those are ignorant people. Their sympathy for Taliban and Pakistan, may or may not realize, but in the process there will be complete anarchy in India. India in that feared situations may turn into like devasted Syria, where there are refugees, refuges and refugees, violence, no food, no water, no medicine. I shirk from within. I may die before that, but what will happen to the fate of our descendants.

As such,  Taliban should not be allowed to be active in Afghanistan. Our prime Minister, has successfully done foreign diplomacy, won over all Muslim countries in the middle east, convinced them that Muslims in India are really safe and secure, in fact, they are better in India than their coreligionist in many Muslim countries. This has blunted the ploy of some opportunist Indian Muslims to garner support from outside , to their false claim that they , as a religious group, are oppressed and discriminated within India. ……India was invited as a special guest in the organisation of Muslim countries recently, which Pakistan has left in rage. Modi’s diplomacy with Muslim countries worked well so far; using the same acumen, Modi may tie down Americans in Afghanistan to make ourselves secure for all time to come.. Also very very important is that all of us at ground level should see that no minority in India is discriminated by misguided elements.


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