Election dates of 2019 general election is upon us, everybody is agog with bursting energy. All are excited. My adda session is full of speakers, everybody claims to be an expert on election, they continuously reel out statistics from history, sprinkled with anecdotes, make their announcement as to who is going to win. Here, you can know of many facts –I wonder where they collect from all these, which in any other  time you would never hear. Often, there occur huge debates to which I listen very attentively. Being encouraged by their fiery participation, I also try sometimes to add a few points, believing that those are important and worth mentioning, but the other members in adda-party blow me away or shut me down. Collecting information, and processing them for delivery at the adda one need a special skill; unless one have skill , one can not deliver those effectively to have a lasting effect on other members. People from various background but mostly retired, join our adda.

Mukherjee da , A chartered Accountant professionally, have a great skill in regard to collecting political information. Whole day he listen to radio watch TV, read newspaper , and being armed with colorful information he can speak very authoritatively. Actually which party he supports , is not clear. Sometimes he finds virtue with TMC, always very disgusted with CPM, has a great praise for Rahul Gandhi. He does not like Modi. Chakraborti da, all his life, was a school teacher, does not have information in depth about politics, he collects all the information he has, from other members in the adda. About me, I know all the information but none in details, my calculation is that I shall a make a note of all information just like news headline but as soon as they catch headline, I shall study those in detail. Tapan Bose is also retired like all of us, he was in Accounts deptt of State Govt, we need specially mention his name as he used to draw various bills of Mamata Bannerjee, the present CM of WB. He is calm, quite and cool , when talks, I fall quite to listen to him. He does not make much ado about anything.

Somebody  made a premonition today that just before voting day  there will be sudden spread of mis-information in social media , causing a mass-hysteria, that will cause vote to flow in opposite direction, belying all previous expectation and calculation as it would appear on the day of election; overnight prospect of one  party will rise just like what happened in last American election defeating a sure shot candidate ie Hilary Clinton. Our friend in the adda also says it might be done by some agencies from outside the country. Balakot attack and Nirov Modi’s arrest will have issues in decision making for the voter.

All of us are excited looking forward to the general enection 2019. Till then we shall be very busy in our adda, if you want to join us, may do, you won’t have to spend a penny.  Thanks.

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