Meditate to Enrich Self [ From ET DATED 12.8.19]

Each form of yoga has its own philosophy. Bhakti Yoga is based on devotion, Karma Yoga on work, Jnana Yoga on knowledge and Hatha Yoga on physical exercise.

While the techniques adopted may be different, every form of yoga has the same goal: to get closer to the Divine. In Sahaja Yoga, the kundalini, which is the divine energy present in every living form, is awakened and connection is established with the divine power.

There is cleansing of the system. For those who undertake meditation, life changes completely in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres. Physically, you become a healthier person.

Your face starts glowing and your skin becomes softer. As you start looking younger and feel more energetic, you rely less on artificial aids to wellness. Emotionally, you become stronger, fearless and confident.

Your conduct improves and your attention shifts from narrow issues to larger ones. The inherent negativities of hatred, greed and jealousy get reduced to a large extent. You begin to experience a positive transformation.

You are free to enjoy all pleasures of life earned through fair means. Happiness is the key to life and laughter is its expression. One need not change the basic nature or feel apologetic about it.

Research shows that a person’s potential is best realised when his intelligence, emotional and spiritual quotients are fully developed. Best managerial practices are based upon trust and altruism rather than on unethical practices. Everyone is a part of the universe. Don’t separate yourself from nature.

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