Why we are so noisy people ???????

We are very noisy people. What we can do peacefully, silently, in a personal and dignified way, unnecessarily we do the same with explosive noises. Aged people like us become very uncomfortable. Young people can withstand invasion of noises, while older people has to pay a price for it in terms of health. There are no dearth of well-meaning laws to prevent it, but in practice, hardly there is any control in it, because it is our bane that system we live in, is dysfunctional for common people. Unless you have more nuisance- value , no authority will come to your aid. Net result is that we suffer, just like I am suffering at the moment, along with other local people have been suffering during last three days due to uncontrolled noise in my neighbourhood.

Let me illustrate. I live in a 2nd floor flat in Konnagar, Hooghly. This is an old-chatkal area, where people from UP and Bihari-origin, living for hundred years,  were working as chatkal mazdoor. These people are worshipper of Lord Hanumanji. Local people decided to install an idol of Lord Hanumanji in the temple. For last several days elaborate celebration is undertaken  in connection with the installation of a lord Hanuman idol, microphones are blaring devotional songs on filmi tunes, loud recital of mantras on microphone is continuous , 24 hours HARIRAM recitation is going on in full throttle. It is a continuous process, almost 20 hours in a day of 24 hours. Songs and mantra recitation is so loud that sleeping, resting is impossible for devotees and non-devotees alike. Doors are bolted from inside, every small gap in the window panes and doors, are stuffed with old newspaper.  sounds is so shrill and loud that these enormous effort proved no worth. It is a nightmare for all of us. This memory is dreaded by anybody. Anybody, going out of home for any urgent work, rush back home , to save from the loud noise of blaring microphone.

Actually, this people are devotees of Hanumanjee. I am also a devotee of lord Hanuman. Hanumanjee, is my favourite, I invoke HIS blessings before any important occasions, and my prayers are responded always…….but these raw devotees or misguided ones, worship God in their crude and noisy way, disturbs people—devotees or non-devotees alike. This manner of worshipping God has to be shunned. I pray to God, good sense may prevail over them resulting a peaceful way of worshipping God. MAY GOD HANUMANJI BLESS THESE UNRULY DEVOTEES WITH RIGHT SENSE!!!!!!!!

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