Law makers should live simple lives, away from splendors.

A recent news item attracted my attention—that new LS members won’t have the luxury of transit accommodation at 5 -star hotels, which has been the norm, so far. This cost the Govt Rs 9000/10000, per person per day; in 2014 it cost the Govt Rs 30 crores. I welcome this new decision. This can happen only in Modi’s  regime. In my opinion, Our all law-makers who represent us, should lead a simple life, like the average Indian does, otherwise, how they would understand the pains of common people, how they can properly legislate.

I would go  one step further, they should use every day public transport, which will help them understand what common people go through. There are plethora of cases, where our representatives in the parliament  enjoy hundreds of benefits which common men pay for , on their behalf,  through their  taxes– half fed , unfed included.  Sometime back, there were widespread protests in the facebook on the issue of cheapest food they enjoy in parliament canteen. By spending Rs 50/- they can enjoy sumptuous meals, while many poor countrymen cannot get two square meals a day….I know, what I am saying here no breaking news, but this a fact. This facility must be taken away from the MPs, like the 5-star facility, above.

Our MPs should live the quality of life, like the poorest and the deprived, otherwise how they can legislate for the interest of the masses. They send their own children to foreign countries for education—then  why they should bother for poor quality of education at home???. They go to Europe/ America, for medical treatment—then why should they bother for poor quality public  hospital, and non-availability of medicine, or abundance of spurious drugs, in their home country????.

Many of our MPs are there for pomp and pleasures only, are from royal families, their feeling for the poor is only lip-service. There are other kind also, who relentlessly speaks for the poor, ultimately, end up wealthy themselves. I have a strong belief, as soon as you stop disproportionate benefits going to them, only passionate public welfare minded people will be there, others will leave thestage. This would be a full-proof filter, keeping away the unworthy.

Modi being sincere and honest to the core, can do it by taking all corrective measures, because he is from bottom layer, lived through pains, deprivation, humiliation of common folk , and above all, lives a simple life. I am his avid supporter, only that he must see that his people must not discriminate against any people on the basis of religion, food habits….there of course, is another leader, who truly represents common people’s  life wearing Hawai- chappal and white saree, but for her there is a great problem, that she does not have any other quality  required by a true leader. Are you wondering who she might be? Guess it. One more clue, she is from my home state.


Author: Your useful Books.

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