Most striking of what I read in the newspaper today is this picture. The simplicity of his own home. Many of us–so called educated, cultured, would feel ashamed to be discovered living such simple life ourselves. We always see our friends trying desperately to live ostentatious life ( this is kind of fear) ; they decorate their home in artificial way to look gorgeous; they drape in costly clothes and wear ornaments  in public, even eat food  to show off their wealth , rather than taste and nourishment it brings to your body. I always hated it since my childhood and avoid those company, that’s why I am so much impressed by this simple picture, it has entered my heart. I hate  hypocrisy , I myself live a simple life away from this hypocrisy, and many castigate me saying I am a fool, backward and uncultured. Children should learn from this simplicity, they will grow up fearless. HYPOCRISY WEAKENS US FROM INSIDE.

Many will misinterpret me saying that I am a blind supporter of Modi. Although I support him, I am not a blind supporter of him, at all. I am a rational man. He is a true leader, perhaps will lead us for next 20 years. I sometimes am aghast when he is unable to control his workers when they lynch due to their religious bigotry, try to change people’s food habits. I learnt he is against Muslim politics, but not anti-Muslim. But it looks, at least for the present there is no alternative for India.

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