We may like it or not, the age of artificial intelligence, is upon us, even in a country of 135 crores, where unemployment is a constant problem.  With this thought  in my mind, a recent news that Axis bank evaluating the performance of their candidate  during recruitment, on the basis of artificial intelligence; required software was bought from Microsoft. The AI here analyzed, and determined the confidence level, happiness, hypocrisy  from the videographed interview. Candidates’ visual expression, eye movement etc was read by the AI, for the selection of the candidates. Human biases of the interviewer, cannot interfere, in this process.

Any common man in our society, from his day to day experience of living , is well aware that a man in our public service, cannot be so good as to attend to others’ needs in fair and honest way— there always are biases aplenty, inefficiency, carelessness, and , of course, human limitations. All go to cause dereliction of duty to the people of the society.

There are examples to cite. Nobody, want Railway accidents to happen, but yet then those keep happening with lakhs of people in employment, and it is because there are limitations  of human being, their failure.  Govt, is seriously thinking to apply  AI to increase the safety level of passengers. I believe anybody will like it because this will save life of fellow citizens.

AI is already being employed in healthcare. Some cancer –diagnosing,  which took 7/8 months previously, now is done through AI in a matter of week in our Tata center, Mumbai. Our healthcare system is unable to care for 135 crores people that we have. There is no personalized treatment, only block treatment, of course it is impossible in this country of teeming millions to do anything otherwise with the existing system. There is not enough number of doctors and paramedical staff; even those whom we have, in my opinion , mostly not efficient for the purpose. Who knows how many people die due to human errors in the course of receiving medical treatment? It is a luxury to ask this question where doctors are thought to be demi-God!!!. When I visit a hospital, I often see crowds of poor patients groaning under pain, with no medical staff around. I become sad to see the indignity of human living. Application of AI in healthcare will alleviate it. Modi Govt, has come back with a large majority in Govt, can take measures towards this.

Just not medical field, AI should be applied  in all matter of public service. When I am writing this article, there is no water supply in my area, it is so for last one month. Common man do not know what to do. Ideally, local municipality authority has to look into it, and find a way out for the public, but he cannot be located, even if he could be found out, it would be difficult to get him around to do the work. I look forward to the day when AI will note the problem of common man, take it through all the levels of administration to the Minister in charge instantly, fix accountability in terms of existing rules and procedures, in transparent manner. In this existing opaque and blocked system, the meager wealth of the nation owned by 135 crores , is usurped by those who are already wealthy, powerful and advantaged, leaving behind little or none. Developing AI will make the system of administration transparent, and ultimately an equal society. This present Govt can do it.

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