This is not a political article, this is only an analysis of human traits. I have a  premonition that Prashant Kishore, the poll strategist who has been hired by TMC, will leave half way through, before assembly election, 2021, leaving behind his job incomplete. This is my forecast. If somehow, I am proved wrong, and really she fares better, she will have reformed herself in the process before the targeted election. Her recent failure is because of herself only, she listens to herself, none else. If she were amenable to reasons she would have heard  her own men in her party, and would not have done many follies in public. And this was evident to any man of ordinary prudence.

During the last election campaign, she uttered so many things, which cannot be washed off as an election strategy, this revealed her lack of sophistication, poor strategy, and wrong idea about the people around. She did not understand what she did and said, but public at large understood her well.

She did a good thing to remove the leftist Govt of 34 years, but the reason was not her excellence, but the weight of nuisance values of her TMC.  Voters were in search of an escape route from left rule,  she provided one. Long exposure brought her inside out, a bad administrator.

She has done a good thing in hiring Prashant kishore, the poll strategist, after her debacle. He proved well with Modi, Neetish Kumar, but did poorly with Rahul, congress president. In my opinion, Mamata and Rahul have the same content– only add some crudeness to Rahul, you will get Mamata.  Prashant kishore  will undoubtedly give good advice, perhaps other members in her own party, will understand the usefulness of those advice, but can they implement those without sanction of Mamata ?, I think not. She believes in her crude style of functioning, will trash those sane ones as useless…. [ ..while writing this I see a news item in television before me informing that she won’t be attending a Governing council of India’s policy think tank NITI Aayog, scheduled for 15 June. ( ???????) ]….. I remember a saying of a seer that you can learn only what you know  already; you can not learn what you do not know already. The quantum of knowledge that you have already which I am talking of, depends upon your birth, family culture, and education beyond books, that you had.

I am willing to live under a dictator, if he or she  knows a lot, unselfish, caring and loving. His or her Govt would be better than even the best of the democracies. But yet why we think democray is the best form of Govt?—answer is simple, that we do not get  such good men/women to make such good dictator. There are destructive vices in all of us, as soon as one reaches the position of control without fear of opposition, vices raises their hood which only the voices of the opposition can cut down.

She is arrogant, dictatorial, and therefore, won’t listen to , Prasant Kumar , the well-known poll strategist, I fear it will crack at the joint. If I am proved wrong , and TMC improves electorally in next assembly election, that will mean that she has changed herself out and out. I wish she changes herself, and wins the next election… Today she already admitted that TMC lost Singur because of their own failure, no longer blamed EVM machine. We have not seen such sanity in her. I hope this mode continues with her. West Bengal is in doldrums, needs a Chief Minister with sanity.


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