HORROR IN WEST BENGAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

West Bengal is in the state of turmoil, there are rampant lawlessness, murders , women harassment and many horror stories to  tell the world. There is no longer any breaking news, for , those are seen to be normal–these are routine everyday happenings in West Bengal, commons don’t utter any words for fear. It serves nobody except politically selfish people, criminals, and also news channels which keep them busy 24X7, I wonder how else those would find their work from !!!!.

It is true, crimes exist in every society from times immemorial.  But here is some difference. They do crimes fearlessly, somewhere in their consciousness, they are sure that they will not be caught. Mantra is like that if you vote for me, I don’t need to see what are you doing for the rest of the time, police and social institutions will be properly taken care of .

Only two days back, at ‘ exide more’ in Kolkata, several criminally bent youths in a motor bike accosted USHOSHI SENGUPTO , a former MISS INDIA, who was travelling back home in a UBER TAXI , at 11-00 PM in the night. She was harassed, driver was beaten; immediately before this their motor cycle, collided against a taxi, but remained wholly careless about it as they were after their next target. When USHOSHI challenged [–she must have been an intelligent and courageous beauty!], and videoed them at that crucial moment, criminals were making fun of  her, this is signature a story of culture, values and administrative laxity of the state, at least as it exists in current situation. At this moment, there is widespread political violence in Bhatpara—it is refusing to die down even after a month of election.  Bombs, shoot –outs causing deaths of innocents regularly, even funeral processions are not spared.

Clearly administration has collapsed, it is running away from action, trying to hide its face behind lies, weak and false propaganda which can easily be seen through. True, it is alleged that opposition forces interested to wrest power, from present Govt, have some direct and indirect involvement, but then it is not wholly unexpected in the unfair world we live, existing power must have the administrative capacity to pulverize them, otherwise one do not have authority to remain in power. It is all about politics, if you are in kitchen you must bear the heat, otherwise, vacate the seat of power, it is not the place for you anymore. It is duty of the Govt to provide peaceful life to the common man at any cost.

In balance, WB Govt has to be bailed out of dying condition by helping it improve its administration, or , president’s rule should  be imposed. Central Govt has also a role to play, even if law is a state subject. Thank you for reading.

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An online seller of books. Lives in Mumbai and Kolkata.