Like every year, this year also Milon Mancha, has organised Vijaya sanmilani, in a grand style which only Milon Mancha can do. The event organised in KALPATARU SPARKLE in Bandra. Like every occasion, this also was made possible by Sri Rudra Mondal, and Sharmistha. Whole cultural  event was of high standard, and action packed for four hours , by accomplished artists, mostly professional. The event anchored by Sri Sujoy sen. In between we were treated with tea, cold drinks, nadu, nimki etc of course followed by a great dinner……. There was song, dance, drama. To have the full impact of  events, just look at those above photos.

Like every year, the venue of the program was arranged by Mrs Renu swamy, and Mr Mohan swamy, her husband. Its a matter of sadness that Mr Mohan swamy is no more with us, he left us during the puja days itself, for the destination, where all of us destined to go sooner or later. This is eternal truth. We wont forget his care and love for others, and everything good in life. Mrs Renu, a person of steel frame of mind, was always available, to help and care for others even in these difficult days of her. We bow down to her devotion to duty, and sense of responsibility. We won’t forget Mr Mohan, even though he is in his eternal abode of happiness.

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