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Don’t mistake me, I am a great admirer of Modiji. By any account, he is a great leader, both nationally and internationally. Also, a great communicator, he has established himself as a world leader. Next time you may watch intently when he is standing in the row with world leaders, his and others’ body language on the platform, shows he enjoys a commanding position. But I am unhappy with his communal Bhakatas, always humiliating the Muslims.

Nobody is more hindu than me, I am a Hindu a Brahmin with all its identities . I worship Lakhmi, saraswati, Brahma, Bishnu, Gayatri, and Saibaba also. I invoke the blessings of all these Gods and Goddesses, and truely, they bless me. A call arising deep within me , asks me to write this article, and accordingly I respond.

My point is that his bhaktas, costantly humiliate minorities, especially Muslims. Bhakatas use abusive words which is so bad. Everybody does mistake, whenever Muslims does ( like Tabliquis) they are condemned in a disproportionate terms, even extra-judicially . I hate this.

One must understand Indian culture and history. People from many culture from many parts of the world, came to India, mingled and formed one composite culture and made the body of India. You can not reject any, if you do , you are harming India. It is like blood that flows in our veins; there is in it many components like vitamin, minerals, metals like sodium, potassium, zinc etc etc. Each religion , language, caste creed are like those vitamins/ proteins/ minerals in humans body. Do you remember when you/ your friend last visited your doctor for sickness, and blood test done, doctor said weakness was due to lack of sodium/ potassium etc, and recommended to take a lot of costly medicine. Similarly, when you throw away your Muslim or christian neighbor, you are weakening the physical body of India, thus weakening India.

I am exasperated whenever bhaktas humiliates other religion. BJP leaders of higher status are also equally guilty of this sin but people ignore that thinking it has not come from Modi. BJP and Govt is known by Modi. Every time I wonder why Modi do not come up to correct and castigate his followers. His non-appearance gives the public the credence that he has his passive support.

Now, correction is coming from outside, from forces which India can not ignore. One emboldened bhaktas working in Dubai, name Sanjay Upadhayya, made a derogatory comment on Muslim women. This time there was no mistake, it caught the attention of one UAE princess, and she blasted saying that they will expel such people from their country. Immediately, Modiji, tweeted taking away the venom from the comment of Upadhayya. The ‘ hero’ , Upadhayya, came to his senses, withdrawn his comment, and closed his account.

But my understanding is that some organised forces has taken up the cause of Muslim, to stop this regular humiliation , working towards pressurizing Modi Govt to take action to discourage this Bhaktas. It is nature’s way that weak and disadvantaged under pressure find way to increase its strength, and overpower the unfair force. I BELIEVE IN GOD AND HIS FAIRNESS.


Modi is being mercilessly criticised for withdrawing export ban on hydroxicloroquinin, under threat of retaliation from Trump. Trump is the most powerful man in this world, heading the richest country. It is not unusual that many will fear him; if Modi does it, one should not be critical about him. It may be strategic. Undoubtedly, he is a great tactical leader.

What is more important is that he did not succumb to pressure from Trump, Trump was requesting him for last one month to supply him HYDROXICLOROQUININE, Modi assured him he would check, and in fact, he allowed export to America and others, just before Trump mentioned the word retaliation……………………………………….. There is a time difference between America and India, and this gave room to the speculation that Modi’s withdrawl of ban was under pressure from Trump, fact is otherwise. This has explained well in a video of Shekhar Gupta, who is an acclaimed journalist. Good, the thing is that now Trump is happy, assured that this good act will be remembered, when a biggest power says that this should mean a lot.

I believe that during such pandemic, national emergency should be declared. All must speak in one voice, there is no room for politics now. When Rahul Gandhi can not speak in the best of times, he must hold back his ‘ wisdom’ to himself now, in this national crisis. One thing more, my suggestion is that Govt. may concentrate that Muslims, especially those from lower section of society must be carried along, instill a confidence that in every sense of the term India is equally there country also. Political forces , nationally and internationally, hostile to the interest of India, misleading them in the name of distorted version of Islam. Some among those have misled them to use tablique jamat, to sabotage and spread corona in India. We are blessed with Shahrukh, salmon, and Amir Khan, Muslim Industrialists, academicians , bureaucrats who may be brought in to tackle the misled group. I am afraid that those have been alienated somewhere down the line. We must mend.


Shahrukh khan, may be a great weapon in India’s arsenal, to combat corona virus. It is reassuring that Shahrukh announced at last, a huge amount to Govt. to combat virus. I was wondering where was Shahrukh in this crisis of India that India’s woe started a month ago. At last it has come, it reassured me. He has always been generous , and participated directly and indirectly, for India’s welfare. But this time he and other actors like Salman khan and Amir khan, have added significance, in the fight of India against corona.

We know that a section of Muslim population, especially from lower rung of society with lesser literacy rate, poor and disadvantaged, keep themselves out of mainstream, and not concerned to save India from corona affliction. Disgruntled ones are proving to be counter productive, those are misleading equally disadvantaged Muslim population, to spread corona . They believe corona is sent by almighty, discouraging their community to practice safety measures. It is dangerous, both for them and for India.

Here comes the role of Shahrukh, he is a popular actor, has a great influence on the masses. Put him at the forefront, in the fight against corona. When the Muslims belonging to the lower class will see that one powerful man from his religious faith, is interested in fighting corona, those also will join. Then no sabotage-action will occur. One thing sure, in India to succeed as a nation, we must carry every religious faith along, we can not keep anybody dissatisfied or ignored. It is difficult to build an empire but so easy to destroy. THEREFORE, MY ADVICE IS THAT PUT SHAHRUKH AT THE FOREFRONT OF OUR FIGHT AGAINST CORONA.


I do not have any special access to information, it’s my wild guess, has no base to objectively support my own conclusion, that death or no-death, Governments world over, will be compelled to  withdraw the current lock-down. Simple reason is to avoid economic breakdown, and the special age group of people affected.

Already, economic disaster on the way, both within the country and the world without. Actually, today’s is the globalised world. If a ripple is raised in one corner of the world, is bound to reach to other corner. Experts say that if it allowed to continue for 5/6 months, economic recession is definitely on the way, something like the great depression of 1930 is in the offing. While writing this article, breaking news popping up in the TV screen, that the finance minister of Germany, has committed suicide. This is unfortunate no doubt, but this sums up the economic disaster we are facing……. all around people are locked up; trains, buses, autos  not moving, offices are closed; hawkers, venders do not sell their goods; vegetable markets, markets of daily consumer requirements are closed. In a word, economic and social life in the country has come to a grinding halt.

Initially there was a lock down for one day, then for three weeks till 14.4.20, all because people to people contagion can be contained. But as I think it is almost impossible to check transmission of virus in this way, in a country of 135 crores people, with the kind of existing social and economic behaviour that we have. Day labourers, or men working in unorganised workers, are not able to earn their livelihood, passing days in anxieties and worries in their home, how long they will hold?. On TV screen I can see thousands of migrant workers are returning to their home in Bihar, UP, Orissa, Bengal, from Kerala, Delhi and Mumbai. Thus they will have to walk hundreds of miles, one has collapsed and died on the way till now.

Thus, people will die due to continuous spread of contagion due to corona. People will die due to the economic disaster arising out of lock down. I fear in countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India spread of contagion of corona, is not possible, unless until 60/70 percent of people are already affected. In the meantime, damage to economy, and livelihood of people will continue to worsen. Recession will come down, now people will die not because of corona, but having no food, shelter, and medical treatment. Interest rates of all savings has just begun to come down, other measures will follow..

Even before corona, economic growth was coming down, now the corona effect is added to it. If present lock down is allowed to continue, much more damage to employment, livelihood, production will be done; availability of goods for public consumption will be scarce. Famine like situation will arise, social unrest and riot may follow. Altogether, a havoc will be created……To stop the country from further damage lock down requires to be withdrawn, all economic activity will be restored on a war footing, although corona is certain to continue to take  more and more toll of death.

 Moreover, some of those who matter, may start thinking in a new line, that it is the economically non-productive people are dying , who are mostly aged 60/65/70 above, who are living on pension or dependent on their children, mostly  afflicted with diseases, have no economic contribution of their own, to the society. Thus, they are not important. Even otherwise, but for improved healthcare of modern days, they would have cleared the deck long back. This thought may not be wholly wrong; if we look at the current death rate, we shall see that death rate has severely reduced in spite of war, heart diseases, cancer, terrorism etc etc  . Moreover, younger people in all ages  have aversion for older people…

Whatever, one thing is certain that lock down cannot continue any more.


In this otherwise gloomy world inflicted with killer corona virus, there is a silver lining, that the world is united at last. All the countries of the world face to face with a common threat, have become one, they are jointly monitoring the development and cure from the disease. Between nations medical information are widely shared. Within the country, poor and deprived caught the attention of the Govt. and the rich. Everybody is worried for the poor, arranging for their food, shelter and securing money for them. Govt. has budgeted one lac seventy thousand crores of rupees which will care for rehabilitation for the poor, who has lost their income, job and shelter. It is in the larger interest of the society, this will secure not only the poor, equally or more, the wealthy and established more, simply because, if there is destruction ultimately, the rich  and the wealthy will lose much more possession than a poor would.

 Hope, this unity and fellow feeling, continues among people, and nations for all time to come. The loss we are now facing now, will be more than made up by the peace and friendship, in the coming future.


It looks third world war is upon us!!!!  This is no exaggeration to call it a third world war, in fact, it can be more in terms of loss, silently it will kill or immobilise whole of mankind. Corona will make access to each and every corner of the world where even bombs cannot make access. People will die but the buildings, roads will remain unaffected. Developed countries of Europe and America having sound healthcare system, even those proves to be not equal to the occasion.  Thousands died, God knows how many more will die or incapacitated. None is safe, even today’s report is that prince Charles and his wife, have been drawn into it, Queen who is 102 years old has been removed to safer protection!!!! Where we stand?

Position of India is feared to be alarming. Due to cultural reasons of mingling , they are hard to be taught. In the absence of remedy need of the hour is social distancing. In spite of lack of personal care and not maintaining required social distancing, chances are corona will hit hard the Indian masses like a Tsunami. We do not have healthcare infrastructure for 135 crores people.

But good news is that political leadership and authority, have taken up the cudgel to fight corona. Narendra Modi, whatever may be the criticism against him leading from the front, he is a great leader, and a great communicator, galvanizing the masses into action. He understands the pulse of the masses, first invoked JANATA CURFEW on 22.3.20, and that was wonderfully successfully. Usually, Muslim masses of lower economic strata, who many believe against him, came out in hordes in support, at 5 pm to ring bell/ beat drums/ clapping, in response to Modi’s request. Again 0n 24.3.20, he appeared in TV to declare to the nation a 21 days of complete lockdown. It means a great sacrifice by the people but Modi roped in the masses.  I am not here to sing the glory of Modi, I am here to tell that nation now is in the right hand to drive out of this historic crisis. We must rise up to listen, and act as per his advice irrespective of political and religious divide. I must also say that all political parties are not doing politics any more, they are in the same page what we do not usually see in India.

To summarise, leadership is responsible, action are in the right direction, people are cooperating. Now, we have to wait and watch, if we can be out of crisis in a matter of months. But the economic damage it has done, and doing, will take a long, long time to recover. Economists say it will be worse than the depression of 1930s, recession is following. Let us brace for a great struggle ahead.

Increased strength of our immunity is the only answer to COVID-19.

World is at last united, of course for wrong reason. Corona, covid-19 is spreading like wildfire, nowhere remedy is in sight, never before any virus was so virulent. Lakhs are affected, thousands are dead already. God knows how many more will die before any remedy is discovered or whole humanity will perish?….. Life and business, are steadily slowing down, economic recession is a natural after effect. Price of petrol coming down. This is the cause and effect of recession.

Till now there is no remedy.  I have a hope, however remote, mother Nature may come to our rescue.  We must bear in mind that we are the product of nature, like the diseases that we contract. Mostly, our immune system protects us from diseases. Even though we swallow medicines to cure us , the strength of our immune system plays a great role in our cure. Strength of our immune system will increase on its own being face to face to such a situation. Rationalist will not take me seriously, but then everything happening in this world, do not have a rationale. This is one such case, it is an affliction cure of which beyond human dimension. Mother nature will wake up to reinforce our immune system, to overpower the covid-19, victory will be ours soon.

Corona, declare national emergency!!!!

I believe it is the time to declare national emergency by our Govt. Reason is not far to seek, it is COVID-19. China, Itally, France , America also are affected. Schools, clubs and gathering in market places are being banned. Number of death cases swelling. In India corona virus induced affliction  is worsening, today’s newspaper reported of two deaths, one at Ladakh and another in Murshidabad district of West Bengal. It is true there is some alertness of Govt. agencies, but here in this country nothing is full-proof, everything moves in a lackadaisical and loose manner. China by this time have started taking measures to control, and as it is dictatorial country measures will start being effective soon, in fact situation in china started improving already. There is no fresh case reported in Wuhan in China, the epicentre of the virus.

In India intended control however strong in the book of law, bound to be loose on the ground. It is very much possible, that affected people must be hiding their infection and silently spreading beyond the notice of Govt in far off remote places. Sooner or later you and I also may be in its clasp.  It is like a biological weapon, may erase the masses once it catches up. In England some hundred years back plague spread by rats and fleas, exterminated masses. Old men like me who already lived their life, do not have much to lose because they will die anyway. My fear is for the younger ones who have the right to live a long life like we ourselves had.

 The danger is once it picks up the momentum, it will spread like a Tsunami. Govt may move forward to declare national emergency, at least set open a national debate, consciousness of people largely insufficiently educated, will pick up. This is my humble thinking, I just shared my fear, it is for the people who matter to act.

Autograph and stamp exhibition at Milon Mancha

Yesterday attended an exhibition, it comprised collections of various hobbies, autographs, stamps and coins. The contributors were Rinky Bhattacharya, Pradip Roy Chowdhury, Shivaji Sanyal, Ratan Bhattacharjee, Rudra Mandal and Shruti Basu Ghosh. Duration was for three hours, from 5.00 to 8.00 in the evening, but interest among the audience overshot the scheduled time, I returned home at around 11.00 pm. This short- timing is appropriate for me, going by the place I live in and the distance from the venue of Milon Mancha.

Among the items on display that most attracted me was the autograph section, contributor was Shivaji sanyal. Here is a versatile man–he was and, is an actor in his sixties –did the role of homeo doctor in PIKU cinema alongside Amitava Bachhan among the countless he did so far. After he retired as a senior officer in a multinational company, he engages himself as an actor, poet, writer, model, anchor, a great speaker. When he speaks , you will be glued to your seat until he finishes.

Then I must mention the name of Sri Ratan Bannerjee. He has a collection of 5000 stamps, only a few he displays here today with assurance to come up more elaborately next. I have a great respect for him. Even at this age of 60 + he has a great zeal for this hobby. You will understand his commitment to his hobby when he explains what his stamp is particularly about and how he collected those stamps originally. I adore his kind of zeal; about me, forget my doing the same at this age , I could not do it when I was young in my school and college days when people learn to lay the foundations for life and naturally most productive.

I must mention the name of Sruti Basu Ghosh and her knowledgeable young husband. They displayed their collection of autographs and old coins. What is remarkable about this outstanding lady is that she in the course of her collection of autographs, contacted SATYAJIT ROY. She requested him to give her a autograph to which he complied by sending one with a forwarding letter composed in a poem, which is displayed above. I liked it very much and it impressed me. As many of us know that handwriting carries a stamp of personality of a human being, I noticed the same in Satyajit Ray’s writing to her. The letters are equally inclined to the right, and there is equal gaps between lines written, there is a great evenness in his writing not usually we see around.

There were a few others. Here, I must mention Milon Mancha stands upon two great pillars who are holding aloft it, they are Rudra mondal and Sharmista. Day in day out, they are pursuing one or other cultural activities in Mumbai and outside, and scores of people enjoy the fruit without having any personal contribution of theirs. This is a platform where many great personalities come and perform to whom we come in contact and mingle, which otherwise we can not think of. For example today SAMIR MANDAL , a painter of repute attended, shared his experience. Among his many students ex-Prime Minister, V. P. Sing was one. Padma Bhusan awardee and ex-Chairman of Sangeet natak academy , Sri Shekhar dasgupta.., often comes to MM and display is fireworks. Ratan Krishna saha, a member of this MM, has been awarded the prestigious national academy award by president of India. Could I ever make access to these great personalities without MM, Never, never. Long live Milon Mancha!!!!.

Last and by no means least that while there are many who made big in the various discipline of art today, there are many more others who are/were not so big. There are still others who took tips from the big and accomplished , to make name for themselves later. Milon Mancha welcomes any willing like minded people who enjoys cultural activities, whether he is a Bengalee or not.

Run all customer service in Banks by AI only!

[ written 15 days back]. Today I went to SBI, Konnagar Branch, to deposit Rs-50,000.00 in my account—for which the home branch, is at Naigaon west, District-Palghar, Maharashtra. It’s a place located just outskirts of Mumbai city, a 35 minutes journey from Andheri. Konnagar is my permanent residence when I come to Kolkata. I had to spend three hours’ time to do this simple job of depositing Rs-25000 (maximum limit of deposit in a day).

It’s a bitter experience. Staff at several counters are absent, those who are present are equipped with poor information, insular to customer queries and sensitivities—in totality, a repelling environment for those who arrive in the Bank, for some or other services. I was very unhappy and aghast, wanted to record my feedback in response to a provision noted in the coupon issued to the customer determining their turn for the call. But the problem in our country is that in every circumstances, packaging is good for the customer-care, but the content is nil. In this case, being aggrieved, when I attempted to record my feedback, I found none of the Bank-staff, to receive that. The tablet, an electronic device meant to record the customers’ feedback, is out of order for several days. I am told the agency to repair it , was informed duly, but they were not responding. Now, problem is how you can record your feedback?.  Actually, my guess is that these are all designed. The banking authority know in advance that they won’t be able to serve the customer because, in all likelihood, they don’t care, but they have to put up a public face that they are responsible and capable, while actually, they are neither.  The authority won’t allow customers’ discontent to be visible to public. This is what happens in a poor, undeveloped, undemocratic country. Every common man bear this scar on their face, and carry this burden of harassment throughout their life. India is one such case.

I understand it is not so easy to keep all nuts and bolts of the system in place, in a country of 135 crores people, with demographic liability. Therefore, my suggestion is that develop artificial intelligences for all these repetitive jobs, remove human beings from all such positions.  Then only, customer-service will improve, cost of services and customer’s discontent will be drastically reduced. The whole system will be efficient. I thought Modi, with his leadership capability would do it, but he could not, at least  not so far,  because his energy is sapped by religiously inclined agendas. Hope he will see it, and work on it. Only then he can , he can deliver to the masses of India.


This time Kolkata and suburb is little bit different. All those Mamata baiters have to mend themselves a lot before they pass comment on her administration. All these make BJP must worry a lot. Last Loksabha election time was a bad patch for her, people were waiting for the end of her rule. But instead she mended herself a lot after that. Prashant Kishore, the image maker for her party proved very effective. Mamata unusual till that time, started listening seriously after that, Prashant kishore’s advice, and started improving. She talks reasonably, talks less lies, trying to be more responsible to people. Results are there to see.

There are many improvements. I do not speak of industry and employment. It takes a long time to improve these aspects. Even, all-India under Modi is not very better, even though Modi is at the helm. Improvement in other aspects is very much visible. The rogue elements are there in all the parties, TMC has their fair share, although their story is more stark and naked. Good news is that she understood bluffing does not pay, there has to be serious and actual service to the people. This is evident when one is out on the road.  Rogue elements in her party are controlled to a larger extent. Criminal elements among her foot soldiers are some reason or others, are behind bars. Many of them of fighting police cases, they are now busy with that, no-time to disturb others.

Roads are not broken anymore, those have been mended. Drains on the road side are no longer open and stinking, most of those are covered with RCC and used as spacious roads. In the days of CPM, roads were full of potholes, almost none of those were OK; one could not criticize, for as soon as you did, there would follow a barrage of criticism marking you as reactionary or agent of wealthy, thus they would gag anybody who would someway dared to criticize the left-Govt.

Just not clean road and ample supply of water, healthcare improved a lot in the current TMC regime. Now I get feedback from the poor. They are very happy, for, they get free medicine and doctors’ advice from the nearest state Govt health dispensaries or hospitals. For me, I will give Govt 95 marks out of hundred when the poor do not have to worry for their healthcare. Therefore, I am very happy with service given by state-Govt. So far I used to think that only Mode can deliver, it’s no more so with me, Mamata also can do, who knows in near future she can challenge Modi at the centre.

I am for the leader who can deliver and keep the people of the country happy. LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY AND FIGHT FOR SUPREMACY!!!!!!!!



I am in high spirits , being just back from a visit to Jaisalmir, Rajasthan. It was a wonderful experience, a lifetime event, made possible by Sri Rajiv Nandi [ his mobile no–919874491759], a tour operator from Kolkata, with local connection, Sri Debasis Saha, an engineer from Bombay port trust.











In fact , it was not just Jaisalmir, but a cluster of places of tourist interest–JAIPUR, JODHPUR, JAISALMIR, AJMER, UDAIPUR, over a period of 9 days from 5 th nov to 14 th nov, 2019. Surprise of surprise (even for a Bengali who are generally known to be misers in informal circles among non-bengalees in India), is that our rate was Rs 18500/- per head, to cover food, lodging and transportation, with a gift-item for all of us from the tour operator. Even, tour operator went to the extent of celebrating a birthday of our respected memeber, Sri Swapan Das. In fact, our whole tour was filled with fun, frolic and enjoyment, never to be forgotten. But I must admit that our food , lodging was  not of 5-star standard, those were just enough or little more, for the working purpose–what more we want?. In this day of high prices, I do not have any complaint in this respect. Food was prepared best suited to Bengali palate–rosogolla included !!!!!!!!, by Bengali cooks, who travelled with us all through, In a mini luxury bus.





There were altogether 18 members, apart from the tour operator, driver,  helper, and three cooks. All of them, except me and my wife, are from Bombay port trust. They are my new discovery, they are all hard-working, bold, courageous, and risk-taking people ; some 30/40, years back they left their native place in 24 pgs, WB, in search of livelihood in this wide open world, now as a reward of their hard work, all of them are very much  established in Mumbai.

There are scores of interesting moments of the tour captured by camera. I shall tell the story through those pictures below. Strictly speaking, many of the places of visit, covered during the tour were related to history; wars and their booty; varieties of weapon only to kill people, extravagant lives of Kings and Maharajas, their practice of keeping too many women, and many other expensive way of life.

I enjoyed scenes of pushkar,  night stay in the camp at Jaisalmir desert in a full moon night, jeep safari at THAR desert, and the Rajasthani cultural event under the open wide clean sky in the desert-cold weather, is unforgettable, will be remembered for my whole life. Do you want to experience the same? if your answer is in the affirmative, contact Rajiv Nandi at his mobile–919874491759.