Being superstitious is not always bad

It may not look smart being superstitious in the society but my experience is that there are actions/ beliefs which do not pass scrutiny of rationality, but produces positive result for the individuals. If you are to believe yourself, those things actually happen, at least I believe but defies sane logic.

I always wear Talisman in my right arm, also a pearl-ring in the middle finger of my right hand to ward off danger and to bring good luck . Those are very favourite to me and I get confidence out of those.  With those on me I feel secured. Whenever I take off the talisman from my arm, I become sure that something bad is waiting ahead and those may happen to me—I never part with those. Think out-dated, primitive–yes, I am.

I am now 65 years old, relatively a successful man in my strata of society—I do not have complaints in life. None of my close circle friend/acquaintances ever  accused me of being harmful either to them or the the society. I have very few person in life who do not like me or I do not like them. But I cannot justify scientifically my wearing of the talisman or the pearl-ring I wear in my mid-finger of right hand. Actually wearing those I become stronger, but I cannot put up any rational reason behind this.

There is usually a criticism of this type of superstition from scientifically educated people. And this prevented me from baring this intimate fact to them for fear of loud criticism of me being unsmart, ignorant, rustic and irrational. As  per our social conditioning you will have to look good and smart in the eye of others in society, even unknowingly. It is not important how comfortable you are, it is more important what others think about you.

Intelligence does not always score , sometimes it is better to be foolish in the eyes of others — this is beneficial in the long run. I would go to the extent to say that when you are branded that way you get a lot of free space for carrying on activity dear to your heart without being disturbed by others. Need not crave always for others’ certificate.

I never say that all superstitions are OK,—I only say that there are some practices suitable to yourself, but not approved by others need not be abandoned, those you can pursue in all your rights. When I say this, I also say that your superstitious action must not be harmful for other member of society.

My wearing of talisman or pearl-ring never affected others’ interest, nor produced any climatic pollution for the society that Govt. machinery may come down heavily upon me. Fortunately, such superstitious beliefs like mine, many have. But people are generally hypocrite, they do not or cannot admit publicly their beliefs. Communists advocating materialism, are much guilty of being hypocrite, their spouses become overly religious to compensate for their husband/wife’s irreligiosity. I with my superstition is at par with all minus their hypocrisy.

satya 1Sometime back I was reading the autobiography of world renowned , Satyajit Ray. Even the worst critic of him, can not accuse him of being unscientific or irrational. He himself admitted that— one morning when he was in the midst of his desperate struggle for establishing himself as a film maker with his ‘ pather pachali’, he saw an owl  which is described in Indian mythology to be a good omen of wealth and success– was sitting in his window sill. He did not drive away the owl, he was sitting there for days continuously. In next few days he got the news that film critics in America started seeing a potential in the film, and from there he never looked back till his life time OSKAR winning, from a no-man before the owl visited him that morning.satya 3

I worship Hanumanji for last 20 years, daily I seek his blessings. Just today I learnt that Barak Obama who was the most powerful man of the most powerful country for ten years, on the face of the earth, have also certain beliefs that cannot be rationalized. He carries a tiny idol of Hanuman. Actually , while he was growing , he passed a very important part of childhood in Indonesia, Indonesians like in India worship the Hindu God Hanuman, there he adopted this belief that guided him through his entire life.

It is not Satyajit Roy or Barak Obama had superstitious beliefs alone, many greats of the world was under this spell—Tiger woods believes red color gives him power, Michael Jordan, great basket ball player, wore shirt with no 23 only, Hitler would consult Astrology for his actions, Napoleon Bonaparte believed black cat bring bad omen, Queen Elizabeth 1 wore a magic stone to keep her in power. List is quite long.

It is not my intention to spell that only being superstitious, you can be great—absolutely not, rather I have many successful friends who clearly believe that these are all non-sense yet they all are reasonably safe and successful in life.  Here my point is that if you pick up certain belief in the course of walking this earth and that works for you without harming others don’t hesitate to follow that—even if those  do not pass master scientific scrutiny.