We may like it or not, the age of artificial intelligence, is upon us, even in a country of 135 crores, where unemployment is a constant problem.  With this thought  in my mind, a recent news that Axis bank evaluating the performance of their candidate  during recruitment, on the basis of artificial intelligence; required software was bought from Microsoft. The AI here analyzed, and determined the confidence level, happiness, hypocrisy  from the videographed interview. Candidates’ visual expression, eye movement etc was read by the AI, for the selection of the candidates. Human biases of the interviewer, cannot interfere, in this process.

Any common man in our society, from his day to day experience of living , is well aware that a man in our public service, cannot be so good as to attend to others’ needs in fair and honest way— there always are biases aplenty, inefficiency, carelessness, and , of course, human limitations. All go to cause dereliction of duty to the people of the society.

There are examples to cite. Nobody, want Railway accidents to happen, but yet then those keep happening with lakhs of people in employment, and it is because there are limitations  of human being, their failure.  Govt, is seriously thinking to apply  AI to increase the safety level of passengers. I believe anybody will like it because this will save life of fellow citizens.

AI is already being employed in healthcare. Some cancer –diagnosing,  which took 7/8 months previously, now is done through AI in a matter of week in our Tata center, Mumbai. Our healthcare system is unable to care for 135 crores people that we have. There is no personalized treatment, only block treatment, of course it is impossible in this country of teeming millions to do anything otherwise with the existing system. There is not enough number of doctors and paramedical staff; even those whom we have, in my opinion , mostly not efficient for the purpose. Who knows how many people die due to human errors in the course of receiving medical treatment? It is a luxury to ask this question where doctors are thought to be demi-God!!!. When I visit a hospital, I often see crowds of poor patients groaning under pain, with no medical staff around. I become sad to see the indignity of human living. Application of AI in healthcare will alleviate it. Modi Govt, has come back with a large majority in Govt, can take measures towards this.

Just not medical field, AI should be applied  in all matter of public service. When I am writing this article, there is no water supply in my area, it is so for last one month. Common man do not know what to do. Ideally, local municipality authority has to look into it, and find a way out for the public, but he cannot be located, even if he could be found out, it would be difficult to get him around to do the work. I look forward to the day when AI will note the problem of common man, take it through all the levels of administration to the Minister in charge instantly, fix accountability in terms of existing rules and procedures, in transparent manner. In this existing opaque and blocked system, the meager wealth of the nation owned by 135 crores , is usurped by those who are already wealthy, powerful and advantaged, leaving behind little or none. Developing AI will make the system of administration transparent, and ultimately an equal society. This present Govt can do it.



যারা সংগীত ভালবাসে তারা অন্তত পড়ুক ✍🏻😦😦

৪৭-র তখন প্রায় শেষ। ওস্তাদ বড়ে গোলাম আলি খাঁ সাহেব তখন ওপারে। পাকিস্তানের নাগরিক। ধর্মসূত্রে নয়, জন্মসূত্রে।
রেডিও পাকিস্তানের জন্য গান গাইলেন ওস্তাদ। রেকর্ডিং শেষে ফিকে হয়ে আসা রাত জুড়ে আবার তিনি একের পর এক সঙ্গীত সম্মেলনে। কখনো পেশোয়ার। কখনো করাচি। একদিন ফিরে এসে টেলিগ্রাম পেলেন, রেডিও পাকিস্তানের প্রোগ্রাম ডিরেক্টরের। খাঁ সাহেব যদি একবার অনুগ্রহ করে আসেন রেডিও স্টেশনে। গেলেন ওস্তাদ। সুগন্ধি চা আর একমুখ জর্দাঠাসা পানের পর মুখ খুললেন রেডিও-র কর্ণধার। একটা ছোট্ট অনুরোধ ওস্তাদজি, গানের মুখড়া যদি একটু বাদ দেন..খাঁ সাহেব বুঝলেন না। এবার কারণ ব্যাখ্যা ও রেকর্ডিং থেকে শোনানো হল চরাচর উন্মনা করা ঠুংরির প্রথম কলি ‘ইয়াদ পিয়া কি আয়ে, হায় রাম’! এই দুটো শব্দ বাদ দিন ওস্তাদজি, দুটো শব্দ বাদ দিলে তো আপনার অনন্ত মুধভরা গান ফুরোবে না!
আপনারা রামকে বাদ দিন, আমি আপনাদের বাদ দিচ্ছি। সিংহ গর্জে উঠলো রেডিও স্টেশনে। পরের দিনই চিঠি লিখলেন স্বাধীন ভারতের প্রথম রাষ্ট্রপতি রাজেন্দ্রপ্রসাদকে। হৃদয় নিংড়ানো প্রেম, অপেক্ষা আর যন্ত্রণা দিয়ে যে গান রচিত হয়, তাকে রক্ষা করতে আমি ধর্মনিরপেক্ষ ভারতের নাগরিক হতে চাই। ঠিক এক পক্ষ কাল পর ওস্তাদ বড়ে গোলাম আলি খাঁ সাহেব চিরদিনের জন্য জন্মভূমি পাকিস্তান থেকে এলেন কলকাতায়। হ্যাঁ। কলকাতাতেই। কারণ এই শহরেই সুরের ভুবনে অসুর আর শয়তানের প্রবেশ ছিল নিষেধ।

Slow Global Growth ahead, should be accepted as natural.

This is an economic article, written by Ruchir Sharma, wrote for The Newyork Times, republished in TOI. I am not a trained person in economics, but over the years grew to be fond of Indian and world economics. True, there are economists and economists, but I like a few of them, or better, you can say, whom I can understand a bit. These topics keep me engaging. I like Swaminathan Ankleswaria Ayer, Ruchir Sharma, Raghuram Rajan, Amartya sen. Real economics must be a very hard something, especially, for a person like me who is not trained, but I don’t know why exactly these discussion and topics attracts me. Swaminathan is the best of the lot to me, he writes so vividly!; his control of the language makes the reading more interesting, and engaging. Ruchir sharma, has more width of it, and has depth, often feel matter goes over my head, yet, don’t leave me disappointed.

Here, in this article, Ruchir tells us that the world economic growth, will go slow because it could not be otherwise; it is at the moment, given the environment, has to be so. We must not resent, rather accept it. One reason is that the population growth is slowing, and there is debt problem since the financial crisis of 2008. Before 2008, and after 1980, inflation was slowing, which encouraged the culture of accessing more debt, which went on increasing till it collapsed in 2008. That fear destroyed the confidence in the world financial market. Lack of availability of debt-fund, and negative demographics, is a fertile ground for growth going down. Here I desire to add as a side- point, which is poking me very much to come out . Just having more population with more hands for work, is not enough, unless those are properly educated/ or skilled. Population who are ignorant or ill educated is a liability to the nation, on the contrary, an well-educated is an asset to the nation, When Ruchir Sharma speaks of demographics, he has in his mind only well educated masses, who counts to increase the productivity of the nation. I write this as my observation of a layman, after reading Ruchir Sharma’s article. This will be my fodder for my next adda, in KACS. Read for yourself his article, bodily lifted from TOI, and don’t forget leave your take please—

Last week the US government revised its 2018 growth estimate down below 3% as economists were revising their 2019 forecasts down towards 2%, triggering another wave of disappointed commentary about doggedly “slow” growth in the United States.

But it’s not just an American story, and it’s not just President Trump who won’t deliver on promises of 3, 4 or even 5 per cent growth. Across the world, economists have had to downgrade growth forecasts in most years since the global financial crisis of 2008.

Defying the hopeful projections, Japan has rarely grown faster than 1%. Europe has struggled to sustain growth faster than 1.5%. No one quite knows how fast China is growing, but it’s clear that there, too, the economy is slowing. So why is the dismal science suddenly guilty of issuing overly optimistic forecasts that set the whole world up for disappointment?

Economists keep basing forecasts on trends established during the postwar miracle years, when growth was boosted by expanding populations, rising productivity and exploding debt. But population and productivity growth had stagnated by 2008, and the financial crisis put an end to the debt binge. The miracle is over.

Time to rethink what’s possible. Even during the Industrial Revolution, in the 19th century, the world economy rarely grew faster than 2.5% a year, until the post-World War II baby boom began to rapidly expand the labour force. After 1950, the combination of more workers and more output per worker lifted the pace of global growth to 4%.

Yet by last decade, the baby boom had faded from Europe to Asia. Even in the United States, young for a developed country, growth in the working-age population slowed to a mere 0.2% last year from 1.2% in the early 2000s. Fewer workers impact the economy directly, so that decrease implied a 1-point drop in economic growth.

Roughly, economists should have expected that United States economic growth would slow to 2% from 3% – and it has. Stimulus measures like the Trump tax cuts can lift growth above this path, but temporarily and at the risk of higher deficits and debt.

Political leaders should not be trying to reverse the new age of slow growth, they should be trying to explain to the public why it’s not so bad.

When populations are growing slowly, the economy doesn’t need to grow as fast to keep incomes high. Thus in the United States this decade, growth in per capita GDP has slowed much more gradually than the overall economy, to an average of 1.4%. Despite their laggard reputations, Europe has been growing just as fast – and Japan a bit faster – in per capita terms. In a rich country, that pace is hardly painful: Americans have rarely been more confident about the economy.

Slower growth in the working age population also means less competition for jobs, which helps explain why unemployment is now at record lows not only in the United States but also in Germany and Japan. Not a bad thing.

More than that, attempts to revive the miracle years are ill advised. Growth in the economy is driven by more workers and more output per worker, or productivity. But since the surges of 1950s and 60s, productivity growth has slowed, also defying government efforts to lift it.

For a time, the global economy kept motoring along, fuelled by debt. In the 1980s, central banks began to contain inflation, which allowed them to drop interest rates sharply. As borrowing costs fell, debt surged from 100% of global gross domestic product in the late 1980s to 300% by 2008.

Then the global financial crisis hit, ruining many private borrowers and lenders, many of whom are still wary of taking on new debt. After growing faster than the economy for three decades, debt growth in the United States and many other countries has fallen back in line with economic growth. Even China, the one major country where lending continued to surge after 2008, is wary of the debts that now weigh down its economy.

So the postwar miracle is over, undone by shifting demographics and debt. Yet because economists continue to base forecasts on miracle rates of growth – 4% for the world, 3% for the United States – policy makers keep fighting to hit these targets.

Economists on the right and left are now calling for lower interest rates, or higher government spending, to boost growth even if that risks reigniting inflation. At the Federal Reserve, there is an emerging view that letting inflation rise above 2%, long considered a red line, may not be unwise.

The assumption seems to be that policy makers must take action because 2% GDP growth is intolerably slow. Yet the confidence surveys suggest Americans are content with record-low unemployment, benign inflation and 1.4% growth in GDP per capita. Why then rush to pump more money into the economy, which risks rekindling its debt problems and inflation?

Instead of trying to bring back the miracle years, economists need to adjust their forecasts and politicians need to rethink their policies to the new era of slower growth. Because trying to recreate a bygone golden age is a shaky way to build the future.




It is a matter of worry for all of us in India. There is an understanding currently between America and Taliban in Pakistan. What it really means that America is handing over power to Taliban with a purpose to  leave Pakistan. This is selfishness on the part of America, they want to be big power without taking any responsibility. They created Taliban to secure their own interest in Afghanistan, supplied them arms, and trained to kill and create violence, used Taliban in all possible manner. By the process they disturbed our Asian sub-continent from the bottom….. now, as they no longer able to manage– actually they bitten more than they could chew, now they want to leave Afghanistan, virtually admitting defeat. This is a nightmare  for all of us, and, it is a good news for Pakistan, Taliban and the separatists in Kashmir. All these means terrorism, and more terrorism for all of India. Western people do not care unless they are affected; before 9/11, they did not know the pains of India from terrorism.

Recently, when a meeting between Taliban and America was going on in Dubai, on the arrangement of leaving Afghanistan to Taliban,  Taliban blew off a whole company of soldiers in Afghanistan. If this is state of affairs, when America has not yet left Afghanistan, imagine what would be the position when America has wholly left Afghanistan !!!!. There will be devastation all around. ISI and Pakistan will rejuvenate, Kashmiri separatists will be doubly encouraged. And what will follow to the safety and security of we Indians ???. There of course, are some Indians who are sympathetic to Talibans, they don’t know what it will lead to. Those are ignorant people. Their sympathy for Taliban and Pakistan, may or may not realize, but in the process there will be complete anarchy in India. India in that feared situations may turn into like devasted Syria, where there are refugees, refuges and refugees, violence, no food, no water, no medicine. I shirk from within. I may die before that, but what will happen to the fate of our descendants.

As such,  Taliban should not be allowed to be active in Afghanistan. Our prime Minister, has successfully done foreign diplomacy, won over all Muslim countries in the middle east, convinced them that Muslims in India are really safe and secure, in fact, they are better in India than their coreligionist in many Muslim countries. This has blunted the ploy of some opportunist Indian Muslims to garner support from outside , to their false claim that they , as a religious group, are oppressed and discriminated within India. ……India was invited as a special guest in the organisation of Muslim countries recently, which Pakistan has left in rage. Modi’s diplomacy with Muslim countries worked well so far; using the same acumen, Modi may tie down Americans in Afghanistan to make ourselves secure for all time to come.. Also very very important is that all of us at ground level should see that no minority in India is discriminated by misguided elements.


I am a Hindu & Brahmin, I like Asaduddin Owaisi

I am a Hindu and a virtuous Brahmin, but I have a like for Asaduddin Owaisi, who is to many of my Hindu brethren, a controversial man, and bitterly hated. My friends will castigate me, as to why I like this fiercely anti-hindu Muslim leader, who leads the political party – Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen  which promotes Muslim interests in India.

Many like to compare him with Jinnah, founder of Pakistan. But there is a stark element of difference in Asaudddin, he is a nationalist. In his own words, he is not against Hindus, but against Hindutwa. He fights for the Muslim rights, true, but that staying within the bounds of Indian constitution. What more you want from him?

Owaisi admitted that Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is a problem among Muslims and branded them dogs of hell. He is against Jaish, Azahar and all terrorists, he calls them satan. When Imran Khan spoke against minority rights in India, Asauddin castigated him , advising him to concentrate on the minorities’ welfare in his own country. At a time, after bombing of Saudi Arabia, he advised the Indian authority to keep watch on what was being said in  mosques, and what and who was injecting radical venom of communalism in India. Some time back Owaisi, went to Pakistan, and there, Pakistani Muslim leaders, wanted him to speak ill of India, he fiercely protested. These Pakistani Muslim friends of his, lamented they did not expect such rebuff from Owaisi. Owaisi told  them that  outsiders  should not  interfere in the internal affairs of India . His view is that Indian Muslims will be protected by the majority, secular Indians.

Imagin, in contrast, a big diplomat & political leader of India, after defeat in last lok sabha election, went to Pakistan, and was complaining against Modi to his Pakistani friend, and sought support of Pakistanis in dislodging Modi Govt in India.

My point is that, owesi is not so bad as he is depicted by many of us. He is only supporting Muslim cause for their all out upliftment. I find no harm in it, because they are also equal citizens, their upliftment will contribute to the upliftment of India as a whole. Their backwardness is well known, this might be one of the reasons for their large contribution to criminal population of India, hence their upliftment is required, and to be encouraged. If religious discrimination is not bad, then caste discrimination is also not bad.

Owaisi was born on 13 May 1969. He comes from a political family of Hyderabad.  He did his graduation in Bachelor of Arts from Osmania University. He is a barrister by profession and studied at Lincoln’s Inn of London. He is a man of razor sharp intelligence, a great speaker, his listeners were spellbound by his oratory, in his student days in London. I like his oratory as much as I like Smriti Irani’s.

I like good orators. I like the lectures of Asauddin, Smriti Irani, Modi, and from good old days, Mujibar Rahaman, Margarette Thatcher, Tony Blair, John Major, David Cameroon   etc. I have many  lecture podcasts of these great people saved in my computer. When I have complete peace , I listen to those lectures. Good oratory, is a great art;  in ancient Greece there were special schools to teach this art. We know Alexandre only as soldier, this apart he was an orator and philosopher. I respect human being for his qualities, not for his caste, color, and religion.

I am a free bird, not in bondage in any way—ideas included !!!!!  I will not shrink from praising the right, and equally, condemning the wrong. I am a patriotic Indian, in every sense of the term. LONG LIVE INDIA, JAI HIND, JAI BHARAT!!!!!!!!!!!


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” Slogan shouting and screaming ‘Zindabad’ or ‘ Murdabad’ will not make any difference. If you really want to do something, join the defence forces. Or encourage someone in your family to do so. If that is not possible, small things could help–keep your surroundings clean, don’t litter, don’t urinate in the open, and do not harass women. Stop spreading communal hatred. Small gestures go a long way.”.

This words are from the wife of NINAD MANDAVGANE , who died in the line of duty in a helicopter crash with five other IAF men near Budgam in central Kashmir on 27.2.2019. This was advised by his wife to a crowd of people shouting slogans when the deceased pilot was being taken for funeral.


The above should be written in golden letters as a guide to lazy young Indian men –of whom we have too many in west Bengal, for all time to come, who does nothing worthwhile except uttering only noble words.These slogan mongers are either generally political people with an eye to catch vote, seeking opportunities for personal gain, or , for sheer entertainment. I repeat do not understand what they say, neither bother, they do not have any seriousness of purpose. These are hypocrites, caste them into dustbins–earliest best….. In my young days I have seen such people protested against events occurring in Cuba, America, China , Indonesia, while themselves keeping safe at home. One advantage in such behavior is that you pass for a progressive intellectual, without subjecting yourself to any acid test to qualify for same. This impression I have, deeply embedded in my bones, since young days, their hypocrisy always irritated me. The sane advice of the wife of the hero, gave voice to my long impression deeply buried in my mind. I easily identify with those hypocrites. What is your view???

Homeopathy–quackery and fraud?????–its sheer nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was listening to a TED talk under the subject title. The page carried the introduction as “Legendary skeptic James Randi takes a fatal dose of homeopathic sleeping pills onstage, kicking off a searing 18-minute indictment of irrational beliefs. He throws out a challenge to the world’s psychics: Prove what you do is real, and I’ll give you a million dollars. (No takers yet.)”

I listened to the talk, you  may also listen for yourself, by clicking the above link. He strongly condemned all para normal and supernatural instances those we talk of, and at times, encounter on the streets; described those as be-fooling others and for making cheap money. Up to this I have no objection, but I have serious objection when he trashes Homeopathy as a whole. Whatever may be his reputation, I will say he does not have full knowledge of homeopathy. Although I am not  a Homeopathy doctor, I challenge his observation on Homeopathy. Homeopathy cures, I can provide evidence in support from my own experience, but it is true that advance guarantee can not be given that a particular homeo medicine, will cure certain diseases, with certainty as often happens with an allopathic medicine or surgery.


I have a proof that homeopathy is a therapy, and it acts. Some 30 years back, my wife used to suffer from migraine, and no allopathy doctor, could cure her. I spent a lot on medicines and pathological tests. Next, being frustrated, myself a layman on the subject, studied a few books and applied ONOSMODIUM-30, she was cured like a magic in a few minuites. This gave me a deep conviction that –yes, it is therapy, real therapy at that. After this personal experience, should I believe anybody–however famous he may be, when he says homeopathy  is a quackery ?? I hope to write him a letter soon protesting his observation. Will you join me?? Thanks for reading.