D’Mart, Mira Road has disappointed me, by selling a defective product to me

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This is about my grievance against D’MART, at Mira Road, Thane. Actually I purchased a winter garment from D’MART, Mira Road on 26.11.2017, at a price of Rs 1899/- before I left for Kolkata on 28.11.2017. I am now away, out of station for a month at Kolkata.

Related payment was made by debit card. I have given above a few photos of the garment only to verify the details of the  truth of my grievance. The level of my garment in the photos and the payment details of debit card used can locate me.  The receipt against the purchase is not immediately traceable, but digital trails is enough to locate me and my /bought/purchase.

Now, my grievance in the main–within a day of use of the new coat, I have found that cotton from within the garment is coming out to spread over the whole surface of the coat ( refer picture above), I can not locate the hole through which the cottons are coming out. After a week’s use I have understood that it is not usable, and has to be rejected. This means I have spoiled Rs 1900/- through purchase from D’Mart. It was not expected that a reputed departmental retail store can sell such sub-standard items to its customers.

Through my blog, I am expressing my grievance, and also drawing the attention of D’Mart authorities to make good my loss. With this I seek the comments from other customers of DMART also. My mobile no is 9022641876.