Gilbert2Gilbert Hill is a 200 ft ( 61m) monolith column of black basalt rock at Andheri, in Mumbai .  I am lucky that I lived 3 years in ESIC quarters, Andheri which lies within a distance of 2 kms  from Gilbert Hill. The name Gilbert hill was coined by the Britishers.

The rock has a sheer vertical face and was formed when molten lava was squeezed out of the Eath’s clefts during the Mesozoic Era about 66 million years ago. During that era, molten lava had spread around most of the Indian states of Maharashtra, Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh, covering an area of 50,000 square kilometres ( 19,000 sq mile). The volcanic erruptions were  also responsible for the destruction of plant and animal life during the era.

According to experts, this rare geological phenomenon was the remnants of a ridge and had clusters of vertical columns in nearby Jogeswari which were quarried off two decades ago. This vertical columns are similar to Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming, and the Devils postpile National Monument in eastern California.

There is no maintenance of such an important monument of history, the land sharks have an eye on it. For them the land on which Gilber Hills stand, is money for—waiting for a time when it will crumble due to no maintenance they will feast on it.

Whenever I am near it I feel I am in touch with a time 66million years ago—why not ? the place where I may keep my hand on, in the same place strange animals of those period had touched  , therefore I form a direct link / communion with that period, I transport myself to that period. I have a strange feeling. Visit this Hill you will have transformation within.gilbert 4.JPG