Health of medical education is un-satisfactory

Soymya swaminathan, Director of MICR says

  1. As many as 332 ( 57.3%) medical research colleges in India did not have a single medical publication between 2005 and 2014, according to a 2016. In comparison, the annual research output of the Massachusetts was 4,600 and the Mayo clinic 3,700. There are only a few medical colleges get involved in research
  2. Clinical researchers need to see patients. They cannot do research in isolation, when you are not involved with patients and their problems.

I read In this context, I wonder apart from medical education, what is the research position in science and social sciences, how many of those are being internationally acclaimed. This is important, for, the secret of development of a country  lies in there only.

I read Soymya swaminathan, Director of MICR’s  article and found the article very interesting,  it might interest you also. The article is called Current Situation ‘Unsatisfactory’: India’s Top Doc Lays Out New Vision For Health, Research and is located at