How dada-giri and corruption destroying Businesses in India.

From an excerpt of an interview from TOI dated 21.08.2017… in the interview, the Thai Ambassador dealing with ease of doing business in India, says…”…the other problem which everyone has is corruption. Some Thai business ended their investments because of corruption and local people of influence. We recently had a particularly bad experience with one Indian state. We have not given up on that state. The evolving nature of India is such that we do not give up on the country, or a state, but we will return when the state is more ready……while there is competition between Indian states, it is important to choose the right state where the chief minister has the attitude and willingness to help business”

This is not a new esoteric knowledge, it is happening many a time. Our Dadas of political parties doing these damages day in day out, all parties who are in the reckoning is to take the blame.  In west Bengal today TMC is ruling, their dadas in every locality runs a mini-Govt for the area, they take all the ‘actions’ in that area with impunity and this accrues financial benefit for them personally. In the process, they forcibly extract money from those who come to establish factory in the state. As the interview of Thai ambassador suggests, this menace drives them away. It is not hard to explain that why there is a huge un-employment in Bengal. In an around Mumbai, cooks, servants/maid servants/construction workers/ hawkers are mostly from Bengal. These people could very well be employed in Local factories sparing them the trouble of leaving home and associated troubles.


This is not unique for TMC and West Bengal under them. The same thing happened under Left front Govt. After 34 years people‘s bitterness swelled so much that they were compelled to pull down the left front Govt entrenched on their back. The same dadagiri goes on and on unabated under TMC also but with a less sophistication such that immediately it is  perceived by all.


Some will wonder as I am deriding TMC, Left front, in the same breath, then what I am up to—perhaps, I am campaigning for BJP, no , dear friend, not. If BJP comes at all by replacing TMC, as did TMC by replacing Left front, ‘ achhe din’ will not come automatically unless they change the present system rationally for the better. It is because we won’t import people from other places, only same people from present day TMC will change colour, and inflate the rank and file of BJP.


Then where do we go? THE FAULT, DEAR BRUTUS, IS NOT IN OUR STARS BUT IN OURSELVES, likewise, it is the people who are guilty of everything, and they have to bear their heavy cross. You have to reap the fruit that you had shown, nobody else can help you. The deliverance is educate voters, encourage responsible people to join politics cast vote responsibly, only then your salvation will come. MARJI HAI AAPKI, AKHIR SAR HAI APKA.