How to grow old

We may resent, but growing old is a natural process. A life is born– pass through childhood, teenage, youth, and middle age culminating in old age. People resent being old, dream if they could be younger. It is sheer ignorance, because it is against the law of nature. Teenager cannot get back his childhood, an youth cannot get back  his teenage, middle aged man cannot get back his youth, in the same way an old man cannot get back his middle age. Everybody is old with reference to previous stages of life. On the contrary, old age has a blessing, it is full of experience and intelligence, all the mental faculties matures to the most. Just think over, how many creative things you achieve by physical strength and passion of youth, and how many achieve by experience and maturity of old age……for me, I wonder how immature and foolish I was ten years back!!! still, should I go back there? what you say??

Every age has their own distinctive demand/desire, if you have met that at the right time, you won’t be sorry when you get past that. The tragedy of human life, is that man do not live the part where he exists actually. We always look ahead- instead of staying absorbed and enjoying that particular stage. If you have fully enjoyed your childhood, teenage, youth and middle age, you will not want to get back to your earlier part of life, just because you have satisfied that type of desire in that stage of life itself, nothing new is left for you. People fear death because they have not enjoyed their life; they live a life of hypocrite—denying the self always, being in search of a copy-living what others approve of . Thus common man live their life in continuous self-denial. The man who have fully enjoyed life, will welcome death as another phase of existence. He will not fear to die, a MUKTA -PURUS.

Life can be compared with a river—first it comes out of the mountain, that time it is slow. Then gradually it forms a stream, then gathers speed in passing through hills, valleys and waterfalls with passion. River gets wider and wider and gradually slows down, banks of the river gets further and further away, soon after the river mingles into the sea. Such is the human life. This is what nature has designed for us. We must accept that. It is like that a lamp slowly ebbs away when the fuel has exhausted.

We can see to what can make our old age interesting. One common fear is death, now and then it invades and make us feel uncomfortable. This can be combated by developing some impersonal interests in life. You may read a lot, care for orphan and be immersed in other social work. More intense is the interest, more is the involvement. More selfish you are, more is the pain waiting for you. Impersonal interests will leave no time to fear about death. One clear worry is health, but with improvement of medicine, that fear is much less now a days—never the less it exists.

For me, I have high blood pressure and diabetes but that has not affected my zeal from normal life so far, although no longer I possess that endless energy of my youth. I am blessed with an understanding wife, caring son and daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters. My great grandfather lived up to 99 years, my grandfather up to 94 (died due to injury he got by a cow during grazing), my father died at 92, my mother is still living at 89 and  strong physically but with a little imbalance of mind. About health problems, I can’t say much but one thing is sure one must keep it in good shape as far as possible.

Relation with children is important. If you do not have to depend on them financially, you are much well-off. With economic development in many cases one need not worry very much, and at old age they are independent now generally. The old man should not delve too much in the affairs of children’s life, they should be left to manage their own business.  I understand that it is uncomfortable to see your children doing mistakes in front of your eyes and suffering losses. Except a duffer, they will not listen to you always because that’s youth.

Making mistake is part of learning and growing up, everybody has the right to make mistake, allow them to do it. Human being are too much obsessed with their children perhaps due to long infancy, animals do not care for their off-spring as soon as they can move about on their own. Mishandling relation with children and sitting on their head always may bring unhappiness, better to avoid this trap.

I am a religious man by habit, and do take part in all religious activities. …… but when I ask myself, my rational mind says that there is no before- life or after- life, there is only present-life. Make the best of it here and now. For me, I have enjoyed every part of life, I do not have any regret.