I am angry


Yes I am angry, angry on thousand and one things. I am angry because Housing society chairman is not mending my drain, I am angry because municipal food inspector has no concern for  un-approved food colour being used by local sweatshop or no concern for vegetable / fruits are treated with chemicals to get high price, before bringing to market for sale. I am angry because local medicine shop sells adulterated medicine to which drug inspector has no concern. One of the main cause of cancer in India is that adulterated medicine and food is widely consumed by the people. We live in a country where rule of law exists, but there is wanton disregard for implementation of those rules. That makes me angry.

Result is that I often lodge complaint on my grievance, but they often lose their way in a dreary desert. Recently, I was travelling in Howrah-Mumbai express in AC II tier, mid-way thieves boarded the train, sprayed drugs on us and escaped with our luggage leaving us unconscious. There were coach attendant, catering people, security staff, but they vanish when such theft occurs.

If you are a newspaper reader you must have read of this;  even if you missed it, you must have seen a number of similar instances. In a few days back similar incident occurred in Delhi Rajdhani express.  This made me angry.

I was angry on losing my luggage, I could not  control my anger; giving  vent to my feeling I lodged complaint, which Bilaspur  police investigated. After elapse of six months, as one expects they neither could catch the thief nor recovered my luggage, closed the case. I was angry, I then submitted my complaint to much publicized PM’s special grievance cell claiming compensation—later discovered the cell is only an old wine in a new bottle, nothing clear came out, therefore, net result is no action from PM’s office. My high hope dashed. I am frustrated, I am angry.

Whenever, I find defective goods or lack of service for which I paid, I complain to the relevant authority. I know no effective result will come out, but with the lodge of complaint I get a release of my angry feeling. I get a good night’s sleep although I am angry.

Here comes the service of English knowledge—I don’t have enough control over the language to give vent to my proper feeling appropriately. Every time I get aggrieved I wish I could have mastery of English language of Nirod C. choudhuri, and whom Manchester Guardian honored with that he was ‘ the God’s last Englishman’.  Naturally , unlike me he could express the niceties very effectively.

He once criticised poor Indian living condition very pointedly. I read his writing some 30 years back, whenever I get aggrieved I like to express my feeling in his words, those words are very favourite to me.  Recently,  I purchased a mobile phone from ‘Karbon’ company, it developed operational problem within a month, I lifted words from his book to communicate my anguish, and that produced result. I got replacement ultimately.

According to Nirod c, choudhuri, any Indian has to have a tough stamina to be able to live in Indian society, I just lift some words from his ‘ CONTINENT OF CIRC’– not complete sentences for your reading ………  ”……… I declare every day that a man who cannot endure dirt, dust, stench, noise, ugliness, disorder, heat, and cold has no right to live in India. I would say that no man can be regarded as a fit citizen of India until he has conquered squeamishness to the point of being indifferent to the presence of fifty lepers in various stages of decomposition within a hundred yards, or not minding the sight of ubiquitous human excreta everywhere, even in a big city’…..’the Jenni  let out a  fart and the prince endured….”. To live in India successfully one has to endure like this prince.