I have monetized my site


Immediate after my retirement on the last day of December, 2011, I was in ecstasy that at last I am out of the daily grind of office . It was a real relief— when I say this, believe me, there is no hypocrisy in me. In my life I served under various employers and gave back to the employers what was their due from me but mostly, I did not enjoy my job. As soon as one enter in a work place in this set up, one has to sacrifice one’s independence. I am sure that myself, like my other colleagues—although a few, was never a duffer; the required intelligence for carrying out any job, I had in ample measure.

But the kind of job, environment, cultural practice, generally maintained enthusiastically, by the system, is always choking for an individual. Prevailing environment in a workplace, is hostile to human honour, dignity, independence, and many other things which a normal independent human being cherish. Any noble man with right values, right attitude, and intelligence is a prisoner gasping for breath, and wistfully look to the sky through the prison hole expecting when he will be released finally. Often, human values one is taught in our educational institutes before entering a job, has to be sacrificed to conform for survival in workplace. Sometimes you have the impression that all fair is foul, all foul is fair…………these jobs are mostly of repetitive nature requiring little or no intelligence, and is mechanical. One wonders, if all these human hands in the system can not be wholly replaced lock, stock, and barrel by artificial intelligence. Mediocrity is the order of the day, creativity is pooh poohed, and…………………..
This will be good for development of work place, human being as a social unit, and overall, absolute development of the organization and the country. Today or tomorrow, India will have to adopt it, willy-nilly, in line with the world, this will remove all sorts of inefficiencies including corruption from the system. Being out of such a system, naturally, I was full of ecstasy. Next six months followed was a great relief, a continuous story of freedom and release. Several days I waked through the night walking the streets, followed by sleeping throughout the day.
Soon after a year, after having had all the physical rest, I was trying to be engaged in a work. But ultimately did not find a suitable one , moreover, I must admit that post retirement what employers pay now a days after independence due to general rise of wealth of the country , is sufficient to lead a happy life unless one has expensive habits. Any man born and brought up in a middle class should not have any complaint. I also do not have any complaint. There is a necessary health cover also, with God’s blessings living happily with everything aligned.
Tagore said that being born in opulence, makes your life short, but there is a difference of opinions also, for common man as well as for great thinkers. Somerset Maughm said the opposite, ‘ I have nothing but contempt for the people who despise money. They are hypocrites or fools. Money is like a sixth sense without which you cannot make a complete use of the other five. Without an adequate income half the possibilities of life are shut off. The only thing to be careful about is that you do not pay more than a shilling for the shilling you earn. You will hear people say that poverty is the best spur to the artist. They have never felt the iron of it in their flesh. They do not know how mean it makes you. It exposes you to endless humiliation, it cuts your wings, it eats into your soul like a cancer ‘. In my opinion, Maughm is true in terms of lump-sum end-pleaure, Tagore is true in terms of moment to moment living in later life.
With this background, I have enough experiences of life and it is always fine to write your experience because writing gives pleasure. When you are bored and down in life, just get up and set yourself up to write—you soon get straightened up suddenly, from the toe to your head. You become most alert and start feeling that you have just taken a healthy tonic, effect never wear off so long you are in the process of pouring down your thoughts, correcting words/ sentences, adding, subtracting, changing the order of words/ paragraphs. But one caution that, here is inherently a gap, between what you write and what your reader read– required ability may lack at either end. It is always there, will be always there, never mind it. But one caution, do not write for others, write for yourself and then only you will enjoy. I enjoy because I write for myself, not for anybody else, I have no objection if you throw to dustbin. My job is done.
I write as per my whims, on anything that comes my way. I wrote as many as 75 articles by this, too many more jostle and crowd my mind to have their voice—loud and audible. I visited DIGNITY FOUNDATION which cares for senior citizens. I joined them but started feeling old for the first time. I came back to my nest. One day I attended a lecture there which advised people with writing ability to make a blog and affiliate. The idea inspired me, actually such an opportunity I was softly working for, and naturally their idea caught me.

Came back home from DIGNITY FOUNDATION,and applied the idea, and the result is before you. I monetized my site by seeking affiliation of amazon. The real import is that when a reader comes to my site, and decide to buy anything on scrutinizing amazon’s advertisements using my gateway, I will be paid a nominal fee that in its present form, will go to cover the cost of maintenance of my site. If any of you want to make same type of effort and don’t know how to, I may help you. If you already know it, and know far better, please help me improving my site.

Our school books say that the whole story of progress of human race, is a give and take. I realise now what I read in school those days, I did not understand then, used for passing the exam only; now at the age of 66 , I start to understand the real meaning of those.