I like OSHO


For sometime past I have been reading and listening to the recorded lectures of OSHO. It is really a wonderful experience to listen to him, mists woven around me gradually clearing. It seems all life till now I was sleeping, here I woke up. The convincing manner he speaks, the depth he delves into forcefully, the illustration he presents is unforeseen, it really is unique, overall leaves a soothing effect. Net feeling is that I have just emerged from the morass I have been living all through my life. Spending crores of rupees can not bring similar peace to anybody.

Of course, I heard of him when I was young, from newspapers, from ‘knowledgeable’ people that he was a notorious man, capable to spoil the whole world, young men should be away from him if they wanted to save their moral life. A very strong adverse impression was created in the mind of general people that he was a man to be hated, therefore, defying prevailing notion of that time I could not muster courage to read him, know him. Now at the age of 66 –retired from service, have an ample time to spend, an opportunity to read a lot. I have Collected a set of lectures on Upanishads by OSHO. Experience of listening him is unique. Each lecture seems to me that he helps in a priceless way to reach a meaningful purpose of life which all other accumulated knowledge failed me. Every lecture opens a new horizon to me. I wonder how in one life—that too he lived only for 58 years, he could make access to so much knowledge!!!!!!. Better late than never, I have arrived at the right place. Every word of him makes me mightier, because it delivers me from a bundle of ignorance that I happily lived through, makes me lighter and an emancipated feeling.

One of the fiercest allegations against him is that he was a sex Guru, and he was demoralizing the youth, widely shared , nationally and internationally. To this he had his own answer, he answered that he had written 500 books, only one of those 500 was about sex, and people talk about this book only, not of the rest 499 books. This proves people’s hypocracy. A powerful argument, indeed.
As all of his books I have not read, nor I visited his Ashram and seen activities of his ashram in Pune, I have no means to verify this criticism of his being a sex-seller. Nor have I a desire to find fault with him. I want to be as the swan in the symbol of Ramkrishna Mission. when you give milk adulterated with water, the swan sips only the milk leaving water behind. Water represents ignorance or the unreal. Milk symbolizes knowledge or the real. Upanishads speak of Hamsa-Gayatri, a mantra in praise of hamsa or swan. I shall accept the good from wherever I can, and reject whatever is bad.

I am fond of his lectures covering psychology, philosophy, literature, Upanishads and many many subjects, each made interesting with innumerable examples brought from all over the world, drawn from all the subjects. He must have been the enlightened man, seen the truth, otherwise, he could not have such a huge impact on people. His philosophy of life and teachings are widely discussed by the intellectuals. You will see in daily newspapers like Times of India, The Economic Times, there is a column on wisdom, under the name ‘ speaking Tree’ which essentially is a lift from OSHO, without giving credit to him.

At the time when I am writing this article I am regularly listening to his lectures on ‘ sarvasaar upanishad’, in this series there are 15 lectures, each lecture is roughly of one hour duration. Each lecture is equivalent to reading a book. I just switch on the audio file in my mobile phone and with head phone on, go out for a long morning walk. I feel cool, serene and in perfect peace of mind. I discover that the world is really a beautiful place to live in, only that we habitually make it miserable.

……………I love knowledge, read a lot as a habit but I do not buy books —something unfashionable for people with a hobby of reading, simply because those occupy space and gathers dust, like unused furniture. I have seen people with money decorate their drawing room with fashionable furniture where each shelf displays heavy books, with world famous titles . This is for many, designed just for looking themselves intellectuals, in the eye of visitors behind their golden frame of spectacle. I am squarely against this practice of show-business. I believe, except for reference purpose, one need not buy books, he may read and return the books to library. Moreover, when you borrow from library you know the deadline to return which compels to finish the book by the deadline. But when you buy books, you know that those will be with you till eternity, will read very next day and that next day never comes.

I have been a member of British council library for last 25 years, till recently they delivered books at home making it convenient for readers. Strictly speaking, buying books help the publisher and the author, not necessarily the reader, in the sense that reader can beget knowledge even without buying himself. But in the interest of livelihood of publisher, author, and connected people the industry of book-publishing should continue. My listening to OSHO’s lecture podcasts is an exercise where I get knowledge for which I need not spend money.

I have seen in Kolkata many people visit book fair to eat from make shift eateries, and buy dictionaries. To buy dictionary you need not visit a book fair, your local stall is more than sufficient. Apart from this I regularly listen to lecture podcasts of London school of economics’ weekly lectures. This lectures are by eminent people of the world, often these lectures are by authors who are about to release their newly written books. These are freely available in the net. As I am a miser, I don’t want to spend money by buying books even, best option left for me is to listen to lecture podcasts— from OSHO/ LSE, and borrowing books from library.

As I often lose my way, I drifted here also. I was talking of OSHO’s lectures. At the moment, I am listening to lecture podcast no-04, under sarvasaar Upanishad. This, among other things, so nicely, expounding how we are constantly denying ourselves, living a life of illusion, by constantly dreaming of what happened yesterday, what may happen tomorrow but never, never, of today, here and now. ‘Now’is the real life, and whatever except ‘ now ‘ all is unreal and pure illusion. Our so called independent and free mind, is always unknowingly, is under thick layers of dreams. This is the source of all misery. We need to extricate ourselves. In fact, all religions of the world have advised us so, Bible told us not to take the thought for the morrow. The way out is meditation, by practicing meditation we can deliver us instantly. I myself have practised it for some time quite seriously, I would have an unique feeling just after an hour’s meditation–it would seem that I am just born and a fresh mind totally forgetting any yesterday’s problem. It is a refreshing talk, listen to the lecture of the audio podcast I am now at, spreading over an hour, that has influenced me a lot, may be it has the potential to change yourself also. True, it is roughly one hour long. Listen to it in 5 minuets instalments, by this you will come to know why I turned a fan of him. If you think, I am under illusion, please help me to come out. I can assure you that I am not sold out to any people. I AM FREE, INDEPENDENT, FEARLESS AND SEEKER OF TRUTH. I have successfully uploaded the audio file no. 04 which is a lecture podcast of OSHO on Sarvasaar upanishad.