In search of systematically designed Tour itinerary to explore india, by ” Milon Mancha”.



Milon Mancha, is an association of like minded people founded in 2012, with  active interests in social, cultural activities  and travels, with its office at Andheri west, Mumbai, India.—


At Milon Mancha, several cultural programs are undertaken throughout the year in which many Artists/ performers, including those of  celebrity status, performs in our  home-auditorium.

Our other main activity is travelling. Our tours are exclusively on non-profit basis, purpose being knowing India and educating people. Travelling build courage and endurance and hence personality, thus helps build the nation. “ MILON MANCHA” is dedicated to add a new dimension to travelling in India, and to spread the culture.


During last five years, we made long  trips  2/3 times in a year, each trip extending up to 4/6 weeks duration.  Our tours fall in four categories—-1. – covering  duration one week, 2—covering duration two weeks, 3—covering duration four weeks and above. Depending upon physical efficiency, members are grouped, Only those who are capable to bear physical and mental strain are allowed to take part in long tours who number approx. sixteen  at present in the last category. Anybody of like mind, may join us in our tours who can adjust to minor difficulties and is not of complaining nature.


So far we visited places like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh,  Kedarnath , Badrinath , Kalindi khal and many  unconventional spots, there are more plans for the future.  To see the albums you may click this facebook link to make some idea of what we have already done After making above travelling, we are more experienced, and looking back we understand we could  be more effective by avoiding repetition of travelling same route over and over again in absence of better tour plan, we want to improve upon.


Our short listed forthcoming trips are


1) Kerala for 15 to 21 days

2) M.P. for 21 days

3) Lahul Spiti full circuit
with optiona to extend upto Leh.

4) Sikkim and Dooars.

In view of above, we are seeking information from individuals/tour operators/ wild life experts/travel agents/academicians/ Govt. Deptts/reserachers from India and abroad, about tour plans having details like-walkable and motorable routes,  economic accommodation, location and distance of Airports and Rail heads in the course of tours , adventures involved etc etc .


Apart from forwarding information, such information possessing people/group of tourists may-if they like, to join us, or we also can join them, without affecting our elaborated purpose. It’s immaterial as to who joins whom, so long purpose of knowing India and pleasure of travelling/treks is met. For this purpose right person may contact—

  1. Rudra Mandal
    D-102, Juhu Abhishek Apartment,
    Juhu Versova Link Road,
    Andheri West,
    Mumbai-400 053,
    India .


Mobile- 09821475546.